Habits Are Habit Forming!

‘A settled or regular tendency to practice, especially one that is hard to give up.’    Dictionary

Yesterday, Pastor Kerry, spoke about habits and how hard they are to change.  He mentioned an intriguing concept that often when we engage in a habit, that might not be good for us or healthy for our bodies, we do so because there are pleasant memories associated with the activity.

I have battled my weight for all of my life.  There have been times where I have been thin and vowed…never again to become fat!  The practice of eating right and exercising, which is walking for me, and the experience of feeling much better seemed like a winning combination that I would never deviate from again!

Food and drink stir up pleasant memories of times gone by.  I can have a Dirty Martini and suddenly I am at my favorite St. Louis restaurant, Cunetto’s House of Pasta, enjoying their rendition of a Dirty Martini…which is the best that I have experienced!

So often food is celebration in our daily lives.  If we go out with friends..we go out for dinner.  If we go to the ballgame…we tailgate.  Birthdays call for a special meal and cake!

Change is hard!  It is easy and somewhat inspiring to talk about.  It hard work to implement!

Advertisers learned many years ago that if you want to sell something…you need to associate it with a pleasant feeling or memory.  There was a popular commercial in  1971 where a large choir of young people sang, beautifully, ‘I’d like to buy the world a coke..’     Morning Mix

‘In the commercial, a camera pans across faces of all shapes and ethnicities, as they sing from a hilltop in Manziana, Italy…’   Morning Mix

‘Bill Backer of McCann Ericsson was the creative director on the Coca-Cola account.’    As he sat in an airport cafe due to his plane had been grounded in Ireland while it was in route to London.  After spending the night in Shannon he noticed that the passengers seemed happier…

‘In that moment [I] saw a bottle of coke in a whole new light…[I] began to see a bottle of Coca Cola as more than a drink that refreshed a hundred million people a day in almost every corner of the globe.  So [I] began to see the familiar words, ‘Let’s have a Coke, as more than an invitation to pause for refreshment.  They were actually a subtle way of saying, ‘Let’s keep each other company for a little while.’  And [I] knew they were being said all over the world as [I] sat there in Ireland.  So that was the basic idea: to see Coke not as it was originally designed to be —– a liquid refresher ——but as a tiny bit of commonality all peoples, a universally liked formula that would help to keep them company for a few minutes.’    Bill Backer, Morning Mix

Upon watching the inspirational telecast…indeed you want to replicate the warm and fuzzy feeling that you experienced as you listened to the dulcet tones.

So, for us to be able to change our habits…we must wrestle with our feelings and emotions that are associated with those habits!

Each time that I have dinner at Cunetto’s I have fond memories of events associated with the ristorante from years gone by.  I recall being with my brother-in-law, Ron, and Mary Jane and I having dinner on a cold January, 2011 evening…just prior to flying out to Jamaica the next morning.  I was so excited, having retired at the conclusion of 2010.  Or, I remember the many birthday dinners I have enjoyed with Mary Jane and Aaron and Jonathon…and each year being amazed at how old I had become! Or the Black Friday Cunetto dinners that we have partaken of…as I waited in the cloak room due to the crush of customers…and the bartender brought me my Dirty Martini…30 minutes after I had ordered it!

I began a habit when I was 12 years old…and I have never broken it.  I have attended church and been involved in some type of church work for the past 50 years.  The peaceful assurance of attempting to walk my way back to Jerusalem has been all the more real to me…by having so many friends by my side.



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