The Haunted House

A Halloween Tale!

The Jazz Man

Billy Bump and his mom and dad moved to El Dorado when he was five years old.  The house in Sauk Village, near Chicago, had been a delight to him.  It was on Peoria Street and he had wiled away many happy hours with Danny and Pauly and Steve and Susie!  Billy had loved to have Steve come over and be the master puppeteer of his marionettes.  There was Punch and Judy and Pinocchio and Blackbeard and Frankenstein and Dracula.  Billy was hypnotized by Steve’s expertise in maneuvering the arms and legs of the stringed performers…and his multitude of voices for the actors was extraordinary.

multicolored marionette doll Photo by Magda Ehlers on

At times, Billy would experience a bit of a waking/sleep as he sat with his eyes glued to the puppets performances.  He became a member of the theatre troupe and was a member of the performance.  When Count Dracula…

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