Theatre Is Good Medicine!

Last evening, Mary Jane and Jonathon and I were privileged to enjoy an event that I had never experienced before, in church.  Our pastor, Rev, Kerry Bean, had written a play for members of our congregation to perform.  The donated proceeds for the free event were given to the Good Samaritan Food Pantry and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

 The first thing that I noticed when we arrived is that patrons were flowing into the Fellowship Hall as soon as the doors were open.  Smiles were in abundance and there was free popcorn and coffee!  We brought along a bottle of red wine…as the play was entitled, Murder by Malbec, and the set was an extraordinary rendition of a winery!

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The sheer joy of seeing your friends and fellow congregants acting their hearts out in an uproarious murder mystery farce…is a unique pleasure!  It dawned on me that I was experiencing good medicine for an old christian who often seeks inspiration for the journey back to Jerusalem.

The cast contained doctors and teachers and lawyers and college deans and physical therapist and professors…and all were immersed in the moment of the comedic farce!  We really are much more alike that we are different.  So many of the artificial walls that separate us…are walls that we have constructed in our own minds!

I watched many visitors to our church as they relished the great performances, and I understood that a fundamental hunger we all share is meaningful human connection.

Aren’t we all seeking others who will warm our hearts when we are lonely and who will understand us and love us…when we are difficult to understand and when we are un-lovable?

When we humans are provided with a strict set of rules that are to be followed from birth to death…we balk and become weary and our inspiration flags from exhaustion.  But, when we are are shown a faith walk that can be integrated into our daily lives and is relevant and alive to our life challenges…then we have a Christianity that can be lived for  50 years and more!

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  1. This is a great blog in honor of a great time and play!

    1. Thank you, kind sir! 🎃

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