Homecoming @ SIUC

The Kickoff to the Homecoming week at Southern Illinois University was outstanding!  Interim chancellor John Dunn spoke and I was reminded of my many enjoyable conversations with him during the last decade…when he was the interim chancellor for the first time.

SIUC has undergone numerous challenges through the last twenty years, but with the enthusiasm that I witnessed today…we are on the road to recovery!

There are such wonderful students at SIUC!  Jonathon and I enjoyed a beer with Vlad and his wife Kayla yesterday at the Chicago Underground restaurant that is within walking distance of the campus.  They were such engaging people that I took courage that, all is not lost, but rather we are at the beginning of a renaissance of our university!  I was honored to spend time with them and enjoy their positive ‘can-do’ attitude!

I continue to be amazed at the maturity and clear-headedness of todays generation.  They know what they want and they set about obtaining their goals.  I was amazed when I saw, Vlad and Kayla’s name on the menu board of the Restaurant.  I did a double-take and marveled that the beers that they were drinking, in real time, were being displayed for all patrons to see!  Jonathon, later, told me that they had an application on their phones that facilitated the Sunday miracle!

As I watched the serious minded students today at the Homecoming festivities…I knew that our university and our nation is in good hands!

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