What Is Man?

The beginning of a Billy Bump alternate reality, adventure!

The Jazz Man

Billy B. and Carl were having a tough time in second grade.  Rather,  Billy was having the tough time as Carl seemed to warm up to the newest mathematical wonder of equations. Billy B. had taken his homework to his mom and asked her for her help and after two hours of agony…she admitted that she did not understand them and that furthermore she had not experienced them during her time in school.  She went on to ruminate on what the second grade teacher, Ms. Blackwell, had been drinking to think that seven year olds were ready for this involved mathematics?  Jane announced the she was going to visit Mrs. Blackwell and determine if she could do the equations and if she could…she could illustrate to her how they were to be ciphered!

The next morning Carl was smiling like the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland!  His eyes were…

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