62 Has Arrived!

And the question is…can the old man really write three blogs about turning 62?  The answer is yes.  My mother told me for years, until, she reached 40 years old, the she did not believe that she would ever see her 40th birthday.  She was a single parent, until she married my stepfather, who was not very fond of me, and I wondered what would happen to Bradley Jay?


My dad, who I never saw again after my 6th year of life….died when he was 60.  Often I pinch myself and wonder and I am grateful for some longevity!  When I see Aaron and Jonathon who are 37 and 35…I contemplate the goodnesses of God!

Birthday wishes on Facebook are a real treat for me!  Nikki, who has always been so gracious to me and Aaron and Jonathon, calls me Pop, and sent me a birthday wish with a photo of, my favorite beer called Dragon’s Milk.  She has served me several over the years!  Every birthday wish that I receive…is very special to me…and I treasure them all!

My pastor, Kerry, sent me a birthday greeting that warmed my heart!

My brother Brock and my sister in law, Marcy, sent me wonderful birthday wishes!  They continue to be a bright Star in my golden years!

I have a fundraiser on Facebook for Mental Health America and, Natalie and Jim donated in the first hour of the posting.  I was honored…and humbled.

I talked with our traveling partners, Ron and Ira Kaye, and it was a joy to hear their birthday wishes!

We made the journey to Cunetto House of Pasta, on the Hill, in St. Louis.  I had my favorite drink, a dirty martini, and some delicious pasta!  We have been visiting the restaurant for over 20 years!  Often we have waited in the queue that stretched around the block of the eating establishment!

Each time I receive a birthday greeting from one of my. former classmates…I see them just as they appeared when we were in school together.

My former pastor, for over fifteen years, Janice, just sent me a note…and it made my day!

We visited Von Jakob Winery this afternoon.  I quaffed Country Red while MJ and Jonathon enjoyed dark beer.  We had the most delicious cooked chips and baked pretzel! MJ and I came home, each, with a handcrafted basket for our wares.  We missed Aaron…who had to work.

My birthday is a stellar time for me to take stock of where I have been and what I have done and how I can improve my outreach to others…in some small manner.  I was watching the memorial service for Congressman Elijah Cummings today.  He was truly an inspirational figure!  The Congressman was the son of sharecroppers and is the first African American to lie in state in the the Capitol.  His dedication to excellence and his compassionate heart towards his fellow human family…was an inspiration to me!

Birthday cake and pizza, this evening!  A special time to think about the days of my life!

close up photo of martini with olives

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

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  1. Many happy returns! I hit 62 a few months ago but didn’t dare to blog about it ha, ha… I share your gratitude and reflections on the journey though! 😊

    1. Thank you, my friend! The journey has been lovely, and hard, and joyful, and mysterious!

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