Procrastination Is A Thief!

‘Start by doing 1 push up.

Start by drinking 1 cup of water.

Start by paying toward 1 debt.  Start by reading 1 page.  Start by making 1 sale.  Start by deleting 1 contact.  Start by walking 1 lap.  Start by attending 1 event. Start by writing 1 paragraph.

Start today.

Repeat tomorrow.’    Mindful Christianity Today

As the actress, Vivian Leigh, said as her, iconic character, Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 movie, Gone With The Wind, ‘Tomorrow is another day!’

‘Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday!’    Dale Carnegie

Tomorrow is always full of possibilities!  The future has the keys to the city of our success… that we can not seem to locate…today.  Within our heads are the, self-made chains of; ‘I can not do it…I have always been heavy or fat or fleshy….I will write soon…I will read a book this year….or you can place any new habit in the blank of, ‘I will begin——————-….tomorrow!

Of course, none of us know if tomorrow is going to dawn for us?  The new year of 2020 will arrive in less than two months.  We know that the new year will produce newness in us!  When in reality the forming of any habit is incremental.

Studies have shown that lack of loosing weight is head problem and not a belly issue!    The inability to work towards goals that we have set…has to start with a first step.

One of my colleagues asked me, many years ago, how I had been able to work so many years at SIUC.  I replied…one day at a time.

If you want to write the great American novel…you have to write the first word….

So many tasks in life can seem overwhelming.  When you examine the enormity of the planed finished product…you feel like throwing your hands up in despair!

When I have visited Europe and admired the majestic churches and castles that are plentiful across the continent…I reflect on how long it must have taken to build them!  The builders of these marvelous edifices dedicated years of their lives to the completion of one structure.


Success in life is much more than financial success!  Money is not the measure…or God’s ruler…to determine those who have reached the pinnacle of achievement.   Millions of poor faithful christians that have lived and died possessing little of this worlds goods….it is crystal clear that heaven is not based upon capitalism.


Success is following your dreams and listening to what your soul tells you is you calling.  Then acting upon that knowledge, one day at a time, and overcoming the negative thoughts and walls and blockades that you have set up in your mind.  Much of achieving what you know you have the ability to accomplish is the systematic working toward those goals and the ability to defer, immediate, pleasure, for later reward!

Winston Churchill became England’s Prime Minister, for the first time, when he was 65 years old.  Rather than say that he was to old he accepted the Herculean challenge of his life in leading the United Kingdom against Hitler’s War Machine.  Upon his second installment as Prime Minister…he was 77 years old.




One of my fellow classmates told me, when we were in high school, that she believed that I would be a leader of many people….one day.  I was a bit like the Biblical Sara when God told her that she was going to bear a son…and she was in her nineties…and she laughed.

My first pastor told me that he had a dream where I was a supervisor of a large group of people that included some of my fellow congregants.  At that time, as the saying goes., ‘I did not have a pot to piss in…or a window to throw it out of!’

When I became a Building Service Worker I at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale on October 10, 1978…soon thereafter MJ told me that God had told her that I, would one day be the Superintendent of Building Services, and I thought, oh my…I would be happy to achieve the promotion of, Building Custodian, which was a housekeeping crew leader!

Whey not give God the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams…one day at a time?





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  1. Wow it feels like ur post was really meant for me. I always have this attitude of putting of things for tomorrow. True, we don’t know what tomorrow holds so if we can do today why not wait for tomorrow. Thank you for this 😊

    1. Thank you, my friend! Your kind comments are much appreciated! 🌞

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