It Was a Biscuit Adventure!

So we were in St. Louis this past Sunday and Monday.  We began our Sunday morning with a Hardees breakfast biscuits, and felt strong and of good courage!  Hardees is a popular fast food franchise in the United States…and they make delicious biscuits!


When we arrived at Plaza Frontenac, my favorite mall in St. Louis, MJ proceeded to shop while Jonathon and I made our way to the theatre to see, Jojo Rabbit, a new movie portraying WWII through the mind of, young Jojo, a 10 year old German boy who begins the movie fascinated with Adolf Hitler.  When the movie began, I was reluctant to laugh, at first, when watching Jojo’s antics with his fantasy friend, Adolf. However, I soon realized that the movie, which is a satirical black comedy…is intended to be funny…primarily in the beginning!


Jojo discovers that his mother, played by Scarlett Johansson, was hiding a Jewish girl in their home.  The dramatic arc of the movie was outstanding and it is the best flick that I have seen this year!

I could not help but notice that the weather report for St. Louis seemed to worsen by the hour.  MJ had a doctor’s appointment on Monday at 1:00…and we hoped for the best weather…but feared the worst!


Plaza Frontenac has the most luxurious Christmas Trees and holiday decorations and Santa Claus…who was already sitting on his ‘listening seat!’  One of the first times that we visited the Plaza it was, again, the holiday season… and several children were sitting on the couches and chairs that are throughout the mall…and they were reading!


Monday morning began with breakfast at the hotel.  I have always enjoyed biscuits and gravy.  The hotel biscuits were outstanding!  I went back for a second portion…as I knew that my diet did not begin…until today!


Following the bodacious biscuits, it was time to brave the gale force winds and blowing and blinding snow!  I was wearing my lambswool sweater…but while getting additional petrol…I retrieved the second sweater that I had in my suitcase and quickly put it on, as well.

food plate sandwich meal

Photo by Angele J on

And, so, with time to kill, prior to the doctor’s appointment, and, more mall business to accomplish, we drove, carefully, to the West County Mall.  They have a great Barnes and Nobel bookstore and Jonathon discovered the book that Jojo Rabbit was taken from.  This welcome respite was enjoyable as we sipped our Noble coffees and wondered what lay ahead for us in the autumn/winter storm.


Finally, at about 2:30 we began our journey back to Carbondale, which is over 100 miles away.  To our dismay, St. Louis and interstate 64 East was well plowed and drivable, although at a much reduced speed.

But…when we turned on to route #127…it was a different world!  The pavement, appeared to be unplowed…and it was treacherous!  I have driven on ice and snow packed roads on several occasions in my 62 years…but it has been sometime.  We saw several automobiles who had slid off the road and into fields and down embankments.  For significant periods of time we drove under 30 miles per hour.  The thing about driving on ice and snow is that you never know…no matter how carefully you are driving, who may not be driving safely.  Also, you can encounter slick spots or black-ice that no amount of careful driving can compensate for.

Thankfully, we made it home and celebrated with Pizza Hut pizza…but it was not as good as the biscuits!



Note: Jojo Rabbit photos are courtesy of Google search.

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