Aaron The Great’s, Birthday!

Another year rolled around for the old man last month…and now it has caught up with the first-born!  Today is Aaron’s birthday!  I remember how excited and proud and full of awe that MJ and I were when Aaron came into the world.  A few months prior to his birth MJ and I were stranding at the front door of our little, four room house, in Elkville, Illinois….and she asked me what I thought a good name for our, soon to arrive, baby would be?  I thought but for a moment…then went quick to my work, with apologies to W. Clement Moore, and proclaimed that if a boy, Aaron, and iif a girl, Abigail!  You see his birth 38 years ago was before the technology of knowing what sex your baby was prior to birth…I think…nevertheless we chose not to know….but to be surprised!

IMG_0894 2

Aaron came into the world with a lusty cry!  I was in the delivery room!  Dr. Bennett, who I have attended church with the past 21 years, was the doctor who delivered him.


I was just telling Aaron’s baby brother, Jonathon, that the first word that Aaron said was, Dida, whereupon after each utterance of the derivative of Dad…he raised his hand and, lightly slapped his bottom lip!


Aaron had a wind-up swing that he loved and MJ and I utilized it daily, and some times hourly, during his first year of life.  If he was not in his swing…his mom or I were dancing with him as he lay  his head on our shoulders and was lulled to sleep…until the dancing ceased!

So, now, he is a man…and has been so for many years.  He is a strength to both me and his mom and is one of the most considerate people that I know!

The first comment that I heard regarding Aaron, when he entered the work-place, was that he was a hard worker!  He has been a hard and dedicated worker and, for the past several years a manager of a multi-million dollar operation .

Each time I see Aaron or hear him talk…I see a lot both MJ and Me in him….and I thank
God for such a rich heritage!

Tonight we are going to enjoy dinner at a lovely restaurant in Carbondale, Keeper’s
Quarters, and tomorrow Aaron and I are going to give the new Stephen King movie…a viewing!

As I become older, as we all do, I am so grateful for Aaron and Jonathon, who are unique human beings…that were loved so much by their mom and dad!
When I was the, only, freshman in a class of junior and senior speech class…I was welcomed by the senior girls!  I enjoyed speech…very much!  A lovely brunette senior girl who’s last name was Uzzle, said of me that, ‘still waters run deep!’  I can make the same proclamation regarding Aaron!



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