5 Days Until ‘T’ Day!

I was out and about today and it dawned on me that the holiday season is upon us!  I have been saying, for weeks, that Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting close…now the revelerie is here!  I purchased a book, The Golden Compass, earlier this week and the Barnes and Noble Bookseller’s attendant, asked me if I was purchasing a Christmas gift.  I replied, joyfully, that I was…for myself.


Winter is less than a month away.  The first day of the season of snow and ice is, December 21.


The Brooks Christmas Tree goes up tomorrow.  We will plug in the lights and seldom turn them off, accept when we leave the house, as we enjoy their festive and warm glow.

MJ and I enjoyed a lovely dinner with several members of our church, last evening.  I marvel at how much more I appreciate my fellow congregants, when I break bread with them!


A group of us were discussing what draws people to church.  Our pastor, wisely observed, that since Watergate, there has been a significant distrust in institutions.  I pondered what he had said, and agreed.  I know what brought MJ and our family to First Presbyterian Church in Carbondale, and that was because her co-workers invited us to a Sunday morning service.  When we arrived we discovered a friendly and welcoming group of people.  Many people greeted us and the minister, at that time, seemed very happy to see us.  Aaron was 17 and Jonathon was 14.  MJ and I were younger as well.  Later that Sunday afternoon, two, sweet, people, Evelyn and Harold Engilking, drove to our little village of Elkville, Illinois…to bring us homemade cookies and tell us how happy that they were that we had visited their church.  I was both touched and impressed!

We attended First Presbyterian for nearly a year prior to joining it.  We are noted for thinking about decisions for a long time.  Yet, we joined because we loved the worship service and the preaching…and the, non-judgmental, family atmosphere that we felt each Sunday.

We were amazed at the missionary outreach that the little Presbyterian Church was engaged in.  Everyone seemed to be doing something to demonstrate their faith by action!

President Kennedy was assassinated 56 years ago today.  I was in the first grade at Hillcrest School in Eldorado, Illinois.  We had recently moved from Chicago.  In those days each of the classrooms had a large intercom speaker hung on he wall.  Suddenly, our principal announced, over the intercom that our President had bad been shot in Dallas, Texas…and that school would be dismissed.  I walked home to find my mother watching the news coverage of the assassination on television and she was weeping!  When I asked her why she was sad…she said the President Kennedy was dead!  I thought that he must have been part of our family?

President Kennedy said:

‘Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet.  We all breathe the same air.  We all cherish our children’s future.  And we are all mortal.




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