The Christmas Pipe

IMG_9848After a lovely Thanksgiving diner with our family from Salem, Illinois, we set out for our annual journey to St. Charles, Missouri to experience Christmas…from many years ago.

IMG_0669Rain was in the forecast for the later afternoon, therefore we left early to get ahead of mother nature.  When we arrived we found the usual, Black Friday, Christmas revelers.  I soon noticed characters representing the USO from World War II.

IMG_0748Aaron was in search of a flat-cap and we searched, on both sides of the cobblestone street, to find the Irish Store that I had purchased my Irish hat at many years ago.  Sadly, we did not find it and fear that it may have closed.

Suddenly, there was the Tobacco Store…and I entered before MJ could dissuade me.  When what did I see…but gift boxes, already made up, of a corn cob pipe and all of the accoutrements to facilitate a Christmas Pipe!

IMG_0467 2Our favorite restaurant, Braddentons, was full to the brim!  When we entered and made our way, slowly, out of the entrance of the establishment…my friend and excellent Grand Mariner pourer, asked how many…to which an angry woman retorted…’We Are Next!’  My friend replied, ‘ ok..ok..ok!’

We had been told to expect and 30-40 minute wait…we were seated in 10.  I tried the pork tenderloin and asked the waitress to have it prepared the way that she liked hers prepared!  It was delicious!  The Grand Mariner was excellent…and a Manhattan was even better!

IMG_4155There were chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Finally the rain began to fall…and I was sitting outside a Christmas Store…in the rain.  Mrs. Claus walked up to me and asked if my family was in a restaurant or shopping.  I replied that they were shopping and she looked concerned that that the old man in front of her was getting wet.  I would have been concerned, as well, but I had on my REI raincoat that MJ had suggested that I purchase prior to our Maine vacation this past spring.

IMG_3872Back to Thanksgiving Day…it was such a pleasure to have Ron and Ira Kaye along with Tara and Mike and Paige and Tyler!  They had the distinct opportunity to observe my valiant and messy efforts to carve the turkey and ham…and spill some glaze from the ham and subsequently mop it up!

I so enjoyed watching the wonderful adults that Tyler and Paige have become!  I remember them when they were babies…but then again I recall their mother when she was very young.

IMG_9803 2



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  1. A beautiful share of family love dear friend!💕❤️

    1. Thank you, my friend! 🎅🏻🎄

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