My Friend.

I missed the PSO Christmas Party today….I am sorry that I did.  I received an invitation and on the envelope was written, ‘Please come, Jay.’  My reaction was, that is very nice and considerate.  I felt wanted!  I have been reflecting on my friends during  this Christmas Season.  I can think of few friends that I admire more than, Brad Dillard, the Director of Plant and Service Operations.  I have know Brad for a long time.  Well over 30 years.

IMG_5530 3

MJ  saw Brad at a local gas station, the other day, and she said that Brad told me to tell you hello, and she commented that she was amazed that he remembered her and that he was so friendly and open.  I responded that she is speaking of the Brad Dillard that I have know, since I was young, and that is a long time ago.


Brad is a person that projects his care and concern for you, the first time that you meet him.


I was at the Campus Lake this past winter.  I watched as several PSO staff followed their leader into the icy depths of the frigid lake!  The all wore hard hats and vests and carried in their hands, as their Crest, a plunger!


The experience of meeting Brad is to be made, immediately, comfortable and at ease.  His keen mind is coupled with a big heart!

Many years ago, I heard our campus First Lady, Shirley Beggs, compliment Brad to his boss, at the time, Harry Wirth, regarding the careful and considerate and professional response that she had received from Brad, when he oversaw what we referred to at the time as, Central Control.  Harry noted that he appreciated the positive remarks regarding Brad and then went on to tell Mrs. Beggs, that the stellar treatment that she had received from Brad…was the same treatment that he provided for every member of the University Community.


Brad is a ‘big idea’ leader, with an eye for both the elephant in the room and the mouse that is hiding in the corner!

I know that Brad carries the burden of many of the concerns of his colleagues and that he is, constantly, searching for an answer to their problems.

Servant Leadership is is more rare that the gold of Ophir that is mentioned in the Bible.

Brad, is a Servant Leader.

As the candles that light the way of success, for the rest of us,  and strengthen the  renewal for our Campus…are extinguished…we are forced to travel in darkness.

red lighted candle

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