Star Wars Movies With Aaron and Jonathon

We just saw Star War: The Rise of Skywalker.  I have been attending the Star Wars movies with Aaron and Jonathon for a long time.  It has been a holiday tradition for the past several years.  The first Star Wars movie came out in 1977.  I graduated from Eldorado High School in 1975.  I did not see my first Star Wars movie until the latter 1980s.  One thing that I learned, quickly, is that my sons enjoyed not only the movie but the action figures that accompanied it.  There was a 12 inch figurine of a Storm Trooper in their bedroom, when they were quite young, and when I asked what role that the action figure played in the story….They told me that the Storm Trooper was similar to a Private in the Army and that many of them are destroyed during the movie.

I, simply, like anything that my boys and I can do together!  I often wonder how MJ and I became so lucky o have such fine men…for our sons.  The first Star Wars happened before either of them were born…and it continues to this day.

It is another unseasonably warm day for winter, in our neck of the woods.  It is 54 degrees on January the 5th.  I have been watching an engrossing movie on Netflix called, The Messiah.  It is the story of a young man who is of Jewish and Muslim lineage, first, leading a group of Syrians to the border of Israel.  Subsequently after being jailed in Israel, he vanished from the cell and appears in, Dilly, Texas, where it appears that he stops a tornado from destroying a church.  As the young man speaks to his captors and interrogators he has a an emotionally moving effect on them by telling them, private, information regarding their innermost thoughts and feelings.  As his following continues to grown in the little Texas town of Dilly…he asks the minister of the church to lead them wherever he believed that God is telling them to go….And they end up on Washington D.C.

So, the thought provoking series presents the central question…is the young man the Messiah or is he a cult leader or a magician and a charlatan?  Throughout the 10 episodes he, appears, to do Christ like feats…while his history and, other of his actions…seem very human and mundane.

What I enjoyed about the first season is the similarities that I saw between the Christ of the Bible and the young man depicted in the Netflix presentation.  Often, Jesus did not perform his miracles among many people and the broadcasting of them was by word of mouth or pen to parchment…the Bible.  Much of Christ’s accomplishments are delivered to us by oral history that has been written down.  Many characters of the Bible felt the personal magnetism of Christ as they interacted with him on a one on one basis.  Choice is paramount in the human condition and the following of the Messiah.

God is talking to everyone!

So, in a world of Star Wars and Messiah…we reach for the Cosmos!  We seek something that is beyond our concrete earthy identity.  There is meaning and purpose and mission…beyond the physical reality of what we can see, hear, taste and touch…the fifth dimension is what intrigues us and compels we spiritual creatures, contained in earthly bodies…to seek the reason for our existence.

In a world that is heating up from global warming.   In a land that is on fire!   In a land that adheres to the despotic fever dreams of an ill leader, in the land of the free and the home of the brave…are we fighting for the right as God gives us the right…or are are we fighting for our own narrow and myopic idea of life…as a member of the human family?

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  2. Thank you bray for this beautiful share. Yes Star-wars was an amazing production. I am so interested in the Messiah film. I must explore more on it. 💕❤️. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🌊

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