Writing Outside In The Winter

It is February 1, 2020, and I am writing in my favorite writing space, our screened in porch.  Where did January go?  I have just returned from my barber…and the shop was full.  Do you suppose everyone is wanting a new hairstyle or a haircut for the, Super Bowl?

athletes audience ball bleachers

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I believe that our porch, which was at one time an open deck, has aided my inspiration to write.  I said, when the porch was first constructed, way back in the fall of 2011, that it caused me to think of Maine…when I sat in its pleasant confines or when I wrote.  Maine is such a lovely state and the allure of the deep green grass and the rocky coast line and the pleasant temperatures, in the spring and summer, are compelling reasons to return again and again.  The comparison to siting on my porch is analogous to our enjoying the porch of the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed in during our first two visits in 2009 and 2010.  The calming influence of the large victorian porch with very comfortable seats, and the complimentary wine to sip on as we enjoyed the pleasant Maine breezes, in July, were something that I was amazed to find replicated at our Southern Illinois home.  Our logding was on Mount Dessert Island, and just a short drive from Bar Harbor and Arcadia National Park.  Mount Dessert Island is the location that Stephen King’s movie, The Storm of the Century, was filmed.

white and black lighthouse near gray body of water

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

There is a crispness in the air and a peace contained in the surroundings in my writing nook.  I have become a fan of Apple laptop computers.  My first one I purchased in 2013, and I have used it daily since that time.  I thought that it was on its last legs, and so I bought a MacBook Air in October, 2019.  Now I have two…due to the first taking on a second life!

It is a myth that no one cares about others in need.  Our town, Carbondale, has a custom of collecting money for our homeless shelter, Good Samaritan House, the Saturday and Sunday of the Super Bowl.  One of the first memories that I have of the church that I attend, First Presbyterian, was the young people in our congregation holding large soup kettles to collect donations for the needy.  The project is called, Souper Bowl.  I noticed as I entered Kroger today that there were members of the SIUC football team holding large soup urns, outside the entrances.  When I left my donation I was struck with how friendly that they were and their heartfelt gratitude for my contributing.

Yesterday a woman fell in Aldi’s Grocery Store…there was a horrendous noise and then the terrified screaming of her daughter as she pled for her mother to keep breathing.  Almost all the shoppers in the store rallied to her to help in any way that they could.  Everything stopped.  Suddenly we were not in a grocery store going about the mundane duties of procuring provinder  for the upcoming days….We were in the painful reality that a fellow human being needed our assistance.

So it is February 1st and 2020 is 1/12 completed.  Life beckons us to take part in its wonders and glories.  The newness of each day is a mystery and a riddle and a wonder.  We seek excitement and intrigue and adventure.  All of the possibilities of 2020 await us if we desire growth and positive change.

‘You gotta start talking like you’re blessed and thinking like you’re blessed.  That’s what activates the blessings.’    YESIMADIVA.COM


I wonder if we could see through the fog of despair and the woods of unfulfilled dreams…and visualize what God had planned for us… if we were simply willing to accept the plan…would we awaken each morning with expectations of the ordinary…or would we open our eyes as if we were on the first day of our favorite vacation?

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