Fairness In The Workplace

Be Fair!

The Jazz Man

If there was any concern that was greater than fairness in the workplace…I do not recall it.  Each of us are members of the workforce for a variety of reasons.  A primary passion for working is the need for money.  As I have commented, on numerous occasions, most geographical locations are splendid…if you have enough money to enjoy the benefits of living there.   Southern Illinois is one of the most lovely locations to reside in, with the ancient hills and valleys created by the glaciers stopping nearby, and the luxurious natural surroundings. Consistent with the need for a living wage is a clear plan for not only attaining good job performance but a map for success, or promotion, for ambitious employees.

IMG_0536 2

There is a valuable creed that I attempted to live by as a supervisor/manager/administrator…for over 30 years, ‘Be friendly, but not familiar…good, but not gullible.’


If you are…

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