Wallace Remembered

Wallace Immortalized!

The Jazz Man

I was looking, as all good husbands do, for the ideal Valentines Day gift for MJ.  I had been watching a holiday decorative pillow, at Macy’s, since before we went to Florida, last month.  The needle point image on the pillow is of a French Bulldog with a holiday toboggan on his head and a red coat and scarf.  Although the image is of a Frenchy…he looks just like our, dearly departed Boston Terrier, Wallace.


Wallace came to live with us after a celebratory luncheon at a Fairview Heights restaurant called, Lottawata Creek, and our indulgence in the drink special, Long Island Iced Tea.  We were celebrating MJ’s good news regarding a medical situation with her eyes, that had, had us worried.  Admist the humongous platter of french fries and the delicious Reuben Sandwiches, Jonathon noticed that the Long Island Iced Teas…were on special.  As we enjoyed one….and then another…we…

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