The Brooks Family Knows How to Party

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In my family we believe strongly in birthday celebrations! In honor of birthdays there shall be trips to St. Louis and fine dining experiences and laughter and joy and Polaroids and perhaps even an extra trip to Cape Girardeau. The Brooks family takes birthday fun seriously.

My mother has a birthday today. The celebrations started on Friday. I took a three day weekend by taking a vacation day from work. Cape Girardeau and an Irish pub restaurant, Katy O’Ferrell’s, was on the agenda for Friday afternoon. Antique store shopping also found its way into the birthday mix. A grand time was had by my parents and I. Fancy beer was enjoyed, delicious food also, and some treasures were discovered and brought home from the antique shops. Hoorah hooray!

Saturday, of course, was for a day trip to St. Louis. All four Brooks’ including brother, Aaron, were in for the fun…

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