Sad Eyes

A meditation for our time.

The Jazz Man

Fear is a terrible and mind numbing force.  Fear leads to panic which leads to irrational emotions and actions.  I had been reading, on social media, that there was a shortage of toilet paper at stores throughout the country.  I thought that it was a joke.  Yes we are in the beginning of a pandemic…but toilet paper?  What about beans, or peanut butter, or coffee, or flour…or rib eye steaks?  Today, Jonathon and I traveled to our nearest Sam’s Box store and discovered that, indeed they did not have a square of toilet paper.  Also there were displayed many empty areas in the massive freezers sections illustrating a general run on food…and especially…paper!  I engaged in the great toilet paper search last evening.  As I walked the aisle of our local Wal-Mart I saw the barest  shelfs that I had ever seen.  I asked a friend who was working in…

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