‘I’ll Be Back’

‘I’ll be back’ is a catchphrase associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was made famous in the 1984 science fiction film The Terminator.  On June 21, 2005, it was chosen as #37 on the American Film Institute list, AFI’s 100 years…100 movie quotes.’    Google

I think that the Terminator’s noteworthy statement is applicable to our present distress.  I was so encouraged, yesterday to see our pastor, Kerry, deliver a wonderful sermon, through the streaming application called, Zoom.  Along with Kerry was, Kathy, who played the piano so beautifully, and Carlyn singing a song of comfort and hope.  Our church service was, by and large, unchanged…and that was uplifting and grounding, at the same time.

IMG_6670 2

We are all here.  Yes, we are separated by social distancing…but our hearts and our spirits are united.  Fear will not win!

The reports, for the last five days, from China, is that there are no new cases of the coronavirus.  The pandemic has shown us that we are all members of the same family.  No matter if we are rich or poor, famous or unseen, it is no respecter of persons.

Tomorrow is Mary Jane and my 42nd anniversary.  I went to Kroger’s and purchased a lovely anniversary card.  Our anniversary dinner, tomorrow night, will come from Hunan’s and Aaron and Jonathon and MJ and I will enjoy it…while our Black Lab, Parker, and our 16 year old Boston Terrier, Brody, look on with drools…do not worry, they always get theirs.  Over the past 42 years God has rescued me from many of life’s ‘slings and arrows.’  Many times I wondered if things would work out…and what the dim light was at the end of the tunnel.  I am a believer in guardian angels…and I have felt the presence of mine…on many occasions.

We are listening to our medical professionals and following the science.  Social distancing has been proven to work in slowing the spread of the virus.  The more rapidly that we can flatten the curve and thus not overrun our hospitals, the faster that we can return to normal.

AS we hunker down through the worst of the pandemic and prevent the virus from spreading…then, selective businesses will begin to reopen…which is vital to the economic well-being of our fellow citizens.  We will, be back…it is up to us how quickly that we want to return.

IMG_5379 2

‘…His favor is for a lifetime; Weeping my endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.’    Psalms 30:5.   NKJV



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