Cheers From Our Friends

Jonathon and I were in the drive thru of the SIU Credit Union, this morning, when what do I hear, but a friendly voice call out, ‘Hello there, Jay Brooks!’  When I looked around to see who was so jubilant, there were our friends Jane and Bill.  They looked like two college kids on spring break with their wide smiles and happy demeanor.  Just having the opportunity to be exposed to their kind conversation and smiling faces…placed my ship on course… for the day.

IMG_0554 2

As we walked the beautiful campus of Southern Illinois University, we saw some wonderful volunteers who were receiving donations for the university’s Food Pantry.  Cars would drive up with their donations and hand the food to the caring people.

MJ said that our friends from London, Jeff and Margo, called us today and that she had a lovely conversation with Margo.  We have been friends for nearly 50 years.  It appears that they are confined to their flat as we are confined to our home, due to the coronavirus.  I love the United Kingdom, and London is a wonder!  Each time that we have news from our UK friends…it makes my day!

big wheel blue sky bright color

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Brody, our 16 year old Boston Terrier, went for his hydrotherapy this afternoon.  Our Veterinarian’s office has a, wise, social distancing policy…whereby we stayed in our car and telephoned, and one of their marvelous technicians came out and took Brody in for his, as he calls it, Peanut Butter Therapy.  The young woman even sent MJ a photo of Brody as he tread water with his tongue extended as far out of his mouth as possible to obtain the motivation for his exercise…the peanut butter!


This evening, Jonathon and I have a church board meeting to attend via, a streaming service called Zoom.  It will be a new experience for us both, and another change in the way that we do things…in our efforts to halt the spread of the virus.

Happiness is not just a warm puppy, but the human connection that we have with our friends both near and far.  When the days seem desperately dark…look around for a fellow traveler…holding a candle…to light your pathway.

lighted candle

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