Main Street Books

Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, we time travel to Charles Dickens…A Christmas Carol…via St. Charles, Missouri.  This has been a holiday tradition for well over 20 years in the Brooks home.  One year we did not go…and Aaron and Jonathon let us know of their displeasure.  There is, Pierre Noel, and Father Christmas, and Santa Claus…alongside Tiny Tim, Scrooge and Bob Cratchit.  There is a colorful parade that marches down the cobblestone street, that has soldiers and drummers and Santa’s elves.  

We have been visiting Jansens Clocks, each year, since our first sojourn into the magical world of St. Charles.  Nine clocks later …our house has been transformed into our own clock shop.  We enjoy a delicious Reuben Sandwich at Bradden’s Restaurant.  On Black Friday, there is a generous and kind red headed lady that is the bartender.  Each year I order Grand Mariner…and she pours me a triple…or more!  I then, being in the Christmas spirit, order another!  After that we visit my favorite Bookstore; Main Street Books.  This unique shop reminds me of the book store in the 1998 Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie, You’ve Got Mail.  Emily, who is the owner of the compelling literary cornucopia…has the personality and ability to cause you to want to read something new and different and to take an intellectual journey.   

Emily and her wonderful colleagues, simply, bring the books to life and their familiarity with the content of them…causes the words to jump off of the page for the lucky reader!  They can be found @  

Main Street has, temporarily, closed it’s doors for the pandemic, but they have a vibrant and efficient on-line presence.  I have, already ordered 5 books…and I probably will order more.  This quaint shop is important to me and my son Jonathon, who first pointed out the beauty of their bibliophile enrichment to me…several years ago.  

I just received my first order of 3 books from Emily at Main Street Books, and she enclosed a handwritten post card thanking me for my patronage and wishing me good health and safety.  You will go far and wide and not find such personal and considerate customer service as what Emily exhibits on a person by person basis!

Jonathon just walked out on to the porch, where I do my warm weather writing, and told me that he is preparing to order another book, a science fiction selection entitled, Lagoon, from Emily at Main Street Books.  And…she even sends a book mark with every selection!

Books are the fabric that connects us in our present pandemic distress.  Main Street Books, in St. Charles, Missouri, is a purveyor of peace…




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