Magnified Living

Magnified Living

The Jazz Man

So, we attended virtual church, this morning.  Through the utility of Zoom…there was pastor Kerry preaching a powerful sermon, and Kathy playing, masterfully, a  beautiful hymn, and Carlyn singing a lovely and uplifting song.  I could see my fellow congregants, smiling and in little boxes, and I reflected on the significance of our shared time together.

IMG_2371 2

I am still enjoying my daily walks, as I heard our governor’s medical advisor say this afternoon that it was important for people to get outside…for their mental health.  I am addicted to snapping as many photos as I can of the beautiful spring blossoms on the campus trees.  The brilliance and vibrance of their, coat of many colors, is inspirational to me…in the darkness of our 2020 pandemic.

IMG_3561 2

I was shopping for some necessary groceries in Kroger, yesterday, with my mask on…and my glasses kept fogging up…and once they fell off of my…

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