We Have Each Other…We Have Today

The Jazz Man

We attended a wonderful Easter church service, this morning.  I am slowly catching on to Zoom Church.  If you want to see your fellow congregants…you have to click the little arrow to facilitate the scrolling of the images of those in attendance.  There were all of my friends!  Beaming and smiling, virtually radiant, as they sat in their homes…and joined together for worship.  Pastor Kerry was there, with a photographic backdrop that is of the front of our sanctuary.  The first time that I saw it I thought that he was preaching from our church.  This morning he had the, ancillary effect, of fog around him…that slowly thickened as his message continued.  It produced a bit of a spiritual theatrical prop…by virtue of a technological hiccup.  Kerry, during his children’s sermon, produced what appeared to be  unbroken eggs, and subsequently asked what the children thought would happen when he broke…

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  1. Happy Easter and yes, with teleconferencing, it makes it easier to see or speak to people that we cannot meet face to face in Covid times.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Yes, teleconference is great! 👍🎂🐰

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