I was leisurely puffing my Christmas Cigar, that Aaron gave me, when I saw on Facebook a video of Emily,  the owner of Main Street Books, in St. Charles, Missouri, opening some boxes of exquisite puzzles.  There were six varieties, including; The Celestial Map and The National Parks.  By the time that I had written an email to Main Street…the National Parks had already sold out…but I procured the Celestial Map!  I am on the waiting list for NP.  I happily recall MJ and I, puzzling on a cruise around the United Kingdom, a few years ago.  I also remember MJ and Ira Kaye…working steadily on a puzzle when we were at Destin, Florida.  

We are immersed in something that none of us have experienced.  The pandemic has changed the way that we live, for now, and it will, whether we like it or not…create a new normal for all of us.  The latest modeling estimations are that, if we do everything right as to social distancing and face masks and hand washing, we may have 60 thousand deaths from COVID-19…in the United States.  With most States being under stay at home orders…our economy has ground to a halt.  I read where a congressman stated that if the decision is whether to have people die or lose our way of life…we must let people die.  That may be easier said… when it is not your; wife or husband, or son, or daughter…or mom, or dad…

I watched the television show, Dragnet with the actor, Jack Webb, portraying the Los Angeles police officer, Joe Friday.  One of his favorite statements when he was interviewing someone regarding a criminal activity was…’Just the facts ma’am.’  We desperately need the facts regarding the hidden killer that is decimating our world!  

It is true that our businesses cannot remain shut-down indefinitely.  It is equally true that if we open them prematurely…we will be back to square one…and thousands of Americans will die…;

Instinct, or how leaders feel in their ‘gut’ is not the answer to our most profound puzzle!  Most medical scientist and epidemiologists agree that testing is the key to this life and death conundrum.  Perhaps we should focus on what they are telling us and not on the political expediency of the moment.  While our neighbors are gasping for breath!  


I heard New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, say that,’ we are the country that sent the first men to the moon… over 50 years ago’…we can figure this medical and scientific puzzle out…if we rely on the professionals that have trained their entire lives to do so

Fighting over which politician will be the winner…is an exercise in futility.  I have my eyes on the heroes of this war…the nurses and grocery store attendants and custodial staffs and warehouseman and drivers of needed supplies that are providng the, desperately needed PPE’s for our health care workers and food to keep us from starving!  

To solve the herculean puzzle that faces our Globe…we need servant/leaders and selfless members of the human family…that are in the mold of our precious nurses and frontline  members of the war against our 2020 pandemic… who swallow their fears and weep at the bedsides of the dying…and pray for God’s guidance!

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  1. I get so disgusted with people who use these types of horrific situations for political purposes. I have no patience for them!!

    1. I heartily agree, my friend!

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