‘You Can’t Wait For Inspiration. You Have To Go After It With A Club.’

The Jazz Man

This morning started off grandly with a lovely Zoom church service @ First Presbyterian of Carbondale.  The miracle of technology, during the scourge of our pandemic…is amazing!  Our worship service has in ways been enhanced, especially when considering participation.  A member zoomed in from Florida and another from his station, in the Armed Services.  Last night,  Jonathon asked me if I was planning on attending service this morning, and I replied that since we were already there…I thought that I would.

The campus of Southern Illinois University looked resplendent in it’s Spring regalia.  Some of the blossoms are fading from the trees as the green leaves, or in some cases, dark red leaves, take their place on the natural clock.  Whenever I pass Anthony Hall, named after the famous suffragette, Susan B. Anthony, I think of the former chancellors that  I have known…and the hours that I have spent in…

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