“Same Basement, Different Day”

Another great Jonathon Brooks, Story!


Jonah and Zachariah were singing their prison song blues. They were locked up. Each boy was doing time away from the outside world. The food was about the same in prison as it had always been when they were free boys. Zachariah and Jonah were best friends who just so happened to be currently grounded by the authorities in their lives, their moms.

The crime, or crimes, in question is not of importance. Boys the age of twelve often behave like boys the age of twelve. Alas, it was summertime and there was no summer shenanigans for Jonah and Zachariah. Any and all fun or shenanigans had currently been canceled. Both boys were dreaming of August and school like they were the spectacular escape from the belly of the whale of their basements.

The good news is that neither prisoner was grounded from the entertainments their homes had to offer…

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