‘Trust…But Verify’

Former President, Ronald Reagan, was one of the most popular presidents of my life.  He remains a hero and a Northstar in the Republican Party.  President Regan is credited with the demise of the former Soviet Union.  He and the Soviet Union Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, developed a relationship of communication that was something to behold during the 1980s   At several of their summits, Reagan would quote a Russian proverb, that translated in English means, ‘Trust…but verify.’  In short, Reagan was not going to accept, at face value, what the Russian leader assured him of regarding nuclear disarmament, without verifying the assertions for himself.

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Life progresses in our 2020 pandemic.  Sadly,  the number of deaths from COVID-19 will surpass the total of, American, deaths during the Vietnam War…in the next few days.  MJ was telling me of a nursing home where there are over 70 residents and skilled care providers that have tested positive for the Coronavirus.  Governor Pritzker has announced that he will extend the stay at home order for Illinoisans, throughout May…with minor modifications.  The majority leader of the senate, Mitch McConnell  was quoted that perhaps the states should consider filing for bankruptcy.  Could it be that he was speaking of the bluegrass state of Kentucky…or the ‘blue’ state of New York?

Is it fear mongering when medical professionals are honest and truthful with the American people?  Winston Churchill was one of the greatest leaders of the last century.  He told the British people the bitter and unvarnished truth of what they were facing and how difficult that it was going to be to go through World War II.  The English rallied around Churchill and spent night after night in the bomb shelters.  We visited Winston’s bunkers, in London, with our friends, Jeff and Margo, and it was a sobering and enlightening experience to walk through the small cramped rooms that Churchill and his cabinet and staff worked from and lived in…during Herr Hitler’s blitz.  There was no need to tell the residents of London…that everything was going to be fine…and that the war would be over soon…and that they were winning.  The verification of their condition…rained down upon them…nightly!

I read an Indian quote regarding the privilege of being able to stay at home and practice social distancing.  The narrative went on to explain that the majority Indian citizens were not afforded such a luxury.  Sheltering in place is not possible for many of our brothers and sisters in the United States, either, as many are deemed to be essential…but are paid paupers wages.  Many live in urban settings were the living is close and confined and your neighbor is at your door and in your hall…and in your bedroom.  The poor 70 Nursing Home residents and staff did not have the option of social distancing!

There is hope for us…and our pandemic will end.  But, my hope is in you…and your hope is in me…  The cowboy mentality and philosophy that says that each of us are responsible for our self…and that we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps…and I am not going to worry about you…and you do not need to worry about me…is our prescription for devastation!

It is raining…but then again…it is April.  And so we know what to expect in May.  I am placing some additional books on my, Main Street Books Wish List.  They are books about pandemics, and apocalypse…night reading for troubled times…


4 responses

  1. “Sadly, the number of deaths from COVID-19 will surpass the total of deaths during the Vietnam War…this week. ” Does this mean American deaths only or does it include the Vietnamese? And those in Cambodia who were drawn into the conflict?

  2. America lost over 58 thousand during the war in Vietnam. I have edited the piece to reflect the comparison.

    1. 58,200+ American Combat Deaths
      225,000 Vietnamese Military Deaths (Est.)
      222,000 Vietnamese Civilian Deaths (Est.)

  3. Sadly the Covid-19 Pandemic has been hijacked by politicians and media alike to use as a tool for the promotion of partisan ideology. That is a great discredit to those who are truly suffering. Ronald Reagan would have said, “Buck up and let’s beat this thing together!”

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