Someone Is Watching…And Listening

Have you heard it said that, ‘No man is an island?’  As members of a rather insular society, we have become accustomed to living in our own heads.  Much of our western culture is based on the legends of the cowboy and the cowgirl who blazed the old west and took up squatters rights on a little parcel of land and transformed it into paradise.  We are proud of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and carving a life for ourselves out of the hard Caliche clay.  We Americans are a rebellious lot.  We embrace the slogan of the great state of Missouri, ‘The Show Me State.  So, as the years have gone by and we have heard so many urban legends of there being a person, that is skulking around the next corner, that is planing on doing us bodily harm…we have morphed into a country of loners, and tribes, and a people that seek only those who look like us and believe like us…and who practice our form of religion/politics.  Our government was formed by our founding fathers to be a government of compromise.  This fact would be illuminated in our three, equal, branches of government.  We fled a king!  We sought refuge from a one man, or one woman rule.  We wanted to do our own thing.  We desired to make our own rules, that were based on the English Common Law.

Our 2020 pandemic is having a transformative effect on our human need for others.  As we see, and feel, the weight of truly being alone, we desire the company of others…that the cruel disease has temporarily removed from us.  I think that in our solitude we are more together…than ever before.  I spoke with my friend, Rob, today, and so enjoyed our conversation and our mutual agreement.  When I have a mental image of one of my friends…I want to see them.  We humans need each other.  Communicating with another person enlightens and encourages and emboldens us for the journey of life.  Often when we travel, my fondest recollections are of the people that I met and connected with.  I relished the mystery and the pristine ancient beauty of Edinburgh, Scotland…but I remember the kind gentleman that I spoke with in the first restaurant that we visited.  The Ghost Tour that we took of Edinburgh, during a rainy evening, was fascinating and frightening…but I recall the young woman who was dressed in the attire of a ghost and the garments of the forlorn.  Our thoughts can seem scattered and dispersed…until we have the opportunity to share them with our friends or family…and then our mission becomes concise and clear.

We are a unique creation.  Often…we do not want to be bothered…or troubled….or to share our concerns and thoughts and problems.  The comfortable axiom of, ‘not my problem,’ is our credo…until we realize that your problems are my problems…and my joy is your joy!  I am listening to the incomparable Norah Jones, as she sings Trying To Keep It Together.’  That would be all of us.  We seek the answer in our own sweat equity!  The real solution to our loneliness and sadness and tears…is each other…

2 responses

  1. “The real solution to our loneliness and sadness and tears…is each other…”

    Hear, hear!

    1. So true, my friend!

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