Commencement In The Pandemic

The Jazz Man

It was Commencement today on the campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale.  As I walked along the quiet paths of the beautiful surroundings…I heard the sounds of joyful people.  I looked around to see a family and their graduating child.  There, the new alumni of SIUC was in her cap and gown, posing for photographs to commemorate the special day.  They were snapping photos near the fountain that is in front of The Student Services Building.  As I was taking a picture of a resplendent tree, along the side of Anthony Hall, I could hear the same jubilant banter…that I enjoyed a few minutes earlier.  When I looked around…the same family was on their way to take additional shots near Anthony.  As I walked toward Morris Library I witnessed another, happy, family as they beamed their approval and love and pride in their graduate!

So, I was traveling toward…

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