I had the semi-unique experience today of photographing a deer, close up!  Now mind you…I have been walking the campus of Southern Illinois University for 42 years, and in that time I have but a handful of opportunities to witness the noble grace of a deer…and subsequently have the chance to snap photos.  They are somewhat nervous creatures, at times.  However, deer are plentiful in my, Southern Illinois, neck of the woods.

IMG_9266I can recall, when I was a boy, that if you saw a deer, you told everyone that you met!  It was almost a life changing experience!  But, I must admit that the witnessing of this deer…made my day.


We need a good dose of nature in our lives, and especially during our shared pandemic experience.  While we sit isolated in our homes, and social distanced from our family and friends…the deer…wondered what I was looking at…

IMG_2323 2

There is always an abundance of wildlife on campus…but they are bolder than previously. When they see me, they seem to be thinking…where have your been…and could you kindly return to your den…

Have you ever listened to squirrels chitter?  If you stand quietly and listen…they carry on a robust conversation…

IMG_0243IMG_3256We will make it to the other side of this terrible virus.  And, we will realize that the earth is our shared home.  There are many living creatures that are waiting for us…and playing while they wait…and enjoying the cleaner air and clear water.

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    1. Thank you, my friend. 🦌

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