Someone To Care

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Ron and Ira Kaye yesterday afternoon.  Each time that I am with them my spirits lighten and my sense of humor is re-found!  We have had the great privilege of visiting with them in; Florida, and New Mexico, and Hawaii.  They are the epitome of traveling companions!  Whenever we are together, I think of all of the previous reunions that have been so enriching!  It was a special treat to enjoy a glass of wine and MJ’s homemade peanut butter cookies…and it reminded me of our fun before the 2020 pandemic.

Two of my good friends have left very kind comments on my recent blogs…and they humbled me and I was honored by their appreciation!  I believe that I remember every kind word that has been said to me…through my 62 1/2 years.  I have heard it said that what we need today is not more successful people….But more kind people!  I know that untold millions of our human family are thirsty and hungry for someone who cares about them.  The company or the university that you work for can have a plethora of outstanding programs…but many will never be a part of them if they have not connected with another human being in the organization!  Churches can have newsletters and bulletins and zoom meetings…but I may never be a part of the excitement unless I feel that someone wants me and has taken the time to ask me to be a part of the mission.

I wrote in a previous blog that I felt inspired by a Bible School that I attended when I was 8 years old, in Eldorado, Illinois.  It was held at the First Christian Church…and I attended alone because I wanted to know God better.  A few years ago when I was a member of our church board, called the session in the First Presbyterian Church, I and another elder were part of a confirmation class for a few of our young people.  I was paired with a fine young gentleman who loved God and was very serious about his faith.  We were tasked with sharing our faith with each other…and his testimony blessed and edified me!  There are many young people that are young Timothys and Titus and Mary and Marthas…in our daily life…if someone will invite them to the feast.

I knew and worked with thousands of students during my career at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale.  The majority of them were looking for someone to connect with and who would be their friend.  Many would love to participate in you faith walk…if they were asked…

We are surrounded by lonely people.  In our journey back to Jerusalem…it is not about how can I fill my physical church…it is about how many people can I demonstrate the love of Christ…that I have experienced!

When Jesus was crucified it appeared that the church was over and done…  The Master…the Rabbi…was dead and had been entombed.  When the apostle Peter was singled out by a person as having been with Jesus…he said, ‘I know not the man !’  Thomas exclaimed that he would not believe that Christ had risen from the dead unless he could place his fingers in the nail holes in his hands and thrust his hand into his riven side…  The church was not gone…it had been transformed!

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  1. This is a most excellent blog. It is five stars on the five star scale!

    1. Thank you, kind sir!

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