A Sign Of The Times

As I walked through the small section of Morris Library that is open to the public I saw our iconic bust of Abraham Lincoln with his necessary face mask on.

IMG_6548Campus was quiet and serene as it patiently awaits for the 2020 pandemic to pass over.  I saw my old friend, Ed, and he and I commiserated regarding how we have spent our shut in time.  We agreed that it is not as hard on us retired people…due to our lives already being much slower than they were at one time.

IMG_4392I have noticed that everyone that I encounter has experienced a transformation…we have been changed!  Life is not as simple as we one time believed…  We are all re-thinking how we conduct our business.


MJ and I enjoy art shows.  We have been art admirers and amateur connoisseurs for well over 20 years.  We are accustomed to attending these events in St. Louis, Missouri or on cruises.  The last time we attended an art event was on a Caribbean cruise in 2018.  Beginning Thursday we will be attending one through the miracle of the internet and the comfort of our home.  

IMG_6436I encounter a lot of happy people that appear to be free of the fear of COVID-19 and subsequently have neither face mask nor social distancing or knowledge of the medical fact that the Coronavirus has not taken a holiday…  Through the pervasiveness of politics and misleading political rhetoric many have accepted that false premise that the pandemic battle has been fought and the enemy has been vanquished!  I learned long ago that leaders, in politics and religion and business, pronounced admonishments of truth that were in reality hidden agendas that benefited them and not me.  I recall a manager and a university administrator presenting their perception of departmental conditions   As  I attentively listened to their counsel I began to understand that the department or the university was failing…because they were failing.  All was not lost for me, as long as I did my job and followed the rules of the organization, but in my bosses eyes everything was going down the tubes because they were circling the drain!


I had a minister that felt that virtually everyone in our little church was less than adequate and did not pull their religious weight.  As I observed this faith leader over a significant period of time…I determined that the problem was not contained within the congregation…but in the frustrated preacher!

It is possible for a political leader to speak to us from the chaos of their soul and their compelling fear of rejection and defeat.  An effective and powerful evaluation tool for determining the veracity of political leaders is their consistency of message.  Have you ever heard from someone that you thought was a your friend…only to discover that they had a hidden agenda that served their own needs and had little to do with your wellbeing?  


We are raised with a many stories.  Those narratives that inspire us to be ‘people who need people,’ as the renown Barbara Streisand sang of, truly does make us ‘the luckiest people in the world!’  As we march forward in our troubled world…let us write our story with love and compassion and the courage to hold up our fallen brother and sister, and mother and father, and son and daughter…


We can choose to live our lives in fear and distrust and conspiracy theory…or we can live in love and forgiveness and the reality of God’s greater gift to the human family…each other!

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