Captivating Clouds

I like clouds.  I am mesmerized by them.  Clouds are the forerunner of rain.  I like rain!  Many years ago MJ and I were thinking about moving to Portland, Oregon.  A colleague asked me if I realized that it rained 90% of the time in Portland…and I replied…really!  On my daily walk at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…I was in my element.  It was cloudy…

IMG_3564 2All too often the weather is a harbinger of our souls.  We find ourselves in the midst of 2020…and it has brought us not one Act nor two…but a three Act play of anxiety and confusion and sadness.  The beginning of a new decade and a year with such a catchy ring to its’ name…has left us reeling and searching for answers.  

IMG_1872 2Many of us like our lives to fit in a neat and tidy box with colorful wrapping paper and a lovely red ribbon on the top of it.  As the Coronavirus is lessening in some of our states…it is increasing in others.  The stock market plunged 700 points today on the fear of a resurgence of COVID-19.  We have a race problem in our country…that is a cancer on our nation.  We will either choose to deal with it with substantive change…or be consumed by our learned prejudice!  Our planet is experiencing a world-wide recession that is really a depression.  Times like these call for some healthy introspection and reflection and renewal…

IMG_5172 2We will come out on the other end of our 2020 Shakespearian tragedy…but we will not be the same…  Business as usual will not suffice for our walk through the roaring 20’s!  We are going to have to start seeing each other…not averting our eyes and ignoring the wrongs that we witness in hope that someone else will come along and right them!  

IMG_8162The master plan for the 20th Century cannot be retrofitted on to our 21st.  To continue to address problems in the same manner that we have always addressed them…and to expect different results…is a fools errand!  We will either learn to work together as equals and partners on our walk back to Jerusalem…or we will struggle in the kingdom of the blind until we succumb to our lonely narcissistic despair and destruction. 

IMG_1112Have you ever been a member of an office staff that worked together and respected each other and strove for the same goal of success for the organization?  I have…and it is brilliant!  It is fun to go to work each day and the camaraderie of shared purpose is enlightening and energizing!  There is no favorites daughters or sons…there is not big ‘I’ and little ‘you,’ rather there is a palatable need for each other and the skills and efforts that each bring to the organization…  The faster that we abolish our hidden agendas and self serving falsehoods…the quicker that we will jointly find solutions to the plethora of problems that plague us as we continue to rely upon our tribal instincts and beloved conspiracy theories…

IMG_2113Clouds are a marker of change… on the horizon.  Positive change is good, and necessary, and needed…as we emerge from our 2020 tragic  wake-up call…

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  1. I love clouds and always think of it as cloud art. Love the photos – the campus looks so pristine, with nary a soul in sight. I guess it must be school break? Or you were up and about in the early morning hours?

    1. The university is currently engaging in virtual classes due to the coronavirus. Classroom education is planned for the fall semester. Yes, campus is safe as regarding social distancing. 😉

      1. Aah…love the responsibility of the school! 🤗😁

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