‘Danger…Danger…Will Robinson!’

During the mid 1960s I religiously watched the television show, Lost In Space, where the Robot that accompanied the Robinson family on their intrepid journey through space often warned Will, the young man of the family, when he detected a danger on the horizon, ‘Danger…Danger…Will Robinson…as he flayed his arms akimbo.  I am reminded of my favorite show, along with the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, when I consider our current reality of our 2020 pandemic.  There are 40 thousand new cases of COVID-19 across the United States within the last 24 hours.  There are spikes in Texas and Florida.  Texas is closing its bars due to the uptake in cases.  


I think that I could best describe the danger of our current susceptibility to the Coronavirus with a metaphor, COVID-19 has been hiding behind our face masks and has not learned to jump far enough to reach the next human host due to the 6 feet of social distancing.  Illinois has entered phase 4 of its 5 phase plan to return to business as normal.  Our governor has been consistently guided by the science regarding the pandemic.  We Illinoisans have been staying at home and not eating in restaurants or drinking at bars.  Most retail stores have been closed.  Schools and universities have been closed to classroom education.  Now comes the caveat of continued health and safety for our citizens…social distancing and the wearing of face masks!  I have been observing how well the face mask wearing is progressing.  It is not!  I have not conducted a scientific study but my empirical research has shown that no more than 10 – 20% of people that I encounter are wearing a face mask…and most of those are not covering the wearers nose…while many others wear their face mask proudly under their chin!    When I grocery shop I am accustomed to people crowding next to me…walking the wrong way down a grocery aisle…and smirking and laughing when a grocery worker advises them to not enter an aisle due to there already being more people than the six feet of social distancing rule would allow for… bunched up together as they shop for their groceries!  


I have no reason to believe that any event in my area of the country will be attended by individuals that take the precautions of inhibiting community spread of the virus…seriously.  I was asked recently my opinion regarding musical event in August.  I have no choice but to answer on the side of caution and health and safety…  

I listened to a young man apologize of his arrogance and dismissal of the dangers of COVID-19…shortly after he was released from hospital due to his contraction of the disease.  This is a disease that has taken the lives of nearly 130 thousand people in our country.  This is a disease that is reemerging in the Sunbelt…with a vengeance.  This is a disease that has been politicized…and people are dying…


I spent 25 years as a manager/administrator of hundreds of people.  I thought about the safety and the health and welfare of those who looked to me for guidance and a safe working environment…every day.  I am not going to change now…old habits die hard…

4 responses

  1. What I remember most about Lost in Space, was the scantily dressed daughter, (her clothes were made by the robot). days of my teenage years, where are they now?

  2. Danger danger Will Robinson is a line so many of us can identify. It sure does apply today

    1. Indeed it does! 😷

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