Love and Fear on the Blue Dot Planet

Please enjoy an encouragement from Jonathon Brooks!


I was just now thinking about how love casts out fear. Our world can be a frightening place. The coronavirus is frightening. Humanity’s selfishness is frightening. Hatred of our fellow life traveler is frightening. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and a wrong doing as payment for a different wrong doing are all the frightening stuff that can be witnessed daily on our blue dot of a planet. Love overcomes these fears.

I made a dedicated decision to follow Christ out of myself and into the life Jesus had for me when I was 18 years young. Jesus has conquered many of my sins and vices and fears. Life is not intended to be lived and fueled by hatred and fear. Life runs infinitely better on love.

It is hard work to go to work on one’s soul. Change is difficult. Following Christ was not…

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