‘It is Darkest Just Before the Dawn’

It is Tuesday in Little Egypt and hope is on the horizon.  MJ told me that there was a left over pork chop for my lunch and my thoughts strayed to the Oscar wining movie, ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ of a few decades back.  The marvelous actor, Morgan Freeman, who played the character, Hoak, who was employed by, Jessica Tandy’s, character, Miss Daisy, as her chauffeur.  At one point in the movie Miss Daisy thought that Hoak had stolen a can of salmon from her and proclaimed as much to her son, Boolie, played by former Saturday Night Live alum, Dan Aykroyd.  When Boolie protested that his mother was mistaken…she would hear nothing of it until Hoak arrived and pulled from his coat pocket a can of salmon to replace the one that he had consumed for lunch the day before.  He noted that the chop that she had left for him was a ‘bit stiff.’  My chop will be fine…

I read where Dr. Anthony Fauci said that we may have a vaccine for the coronavirus by October…now this is good news!  That will not be the end of Covid-19…but it could be the beginning of the end.  

So often or present life circumstances seem overwhelming and insurmountable…when if we could see the rainbow that is just behind the clouds…we would take courage!  I have been in employment situations that seemed to restrictive and where my opinion was not only not valued but ridiculed.  It is a terrible feeling and throughly demoralizing.  I have also experienced these ‘valley experiences’ changing in a seeming moment… and I was on top of the mountain!  

Have you ever been Gaslighted?  The 1944 psychological thriller, ‘Gaslight is a film adapted from Patrick Hamilton’s play Gas Light [1938] about a woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is going insane.’    Wikipedia.   The film is a compelling study of mental manipulation of one person upon another.  I have witnessed ‘Gaslighting’ in both politics and religion.  I have also have witnessed it and been the recipient of the Machiavellian maneuver …both in religion and  the work place.  One of the oldest manipulation techniques of ministers or managers is to cause a person to begin to believe that their stand for right and wrong is out of step with the group think and the reality of the organization.  Women have been experiencing ‘Gaslighting’ by abusive men for centuries.  


When you are placed in a position where you are disfellowshipped or ostracized until you pledge allegiance to the company line…you have been gaslit…  If all your fellow lemmings are following each other off of a steep cliff…and you decide to remain behind…  If someone in authority creates an untenable situation for you…and then convinces you that your state of affairs is your fault…you are being gaslit.  When you are set up for failure…and then you fail…and are subsequently chastised and castigated for your failure…you have been gaslit!

Many people in some type of authority see their mantel of leadership as a license to use people for their own agenda.  This agenda does not include those who disagree with them.  I regularly hear politicians utter the clarion call that they are going to bring religion back to the classroom…but  which religion are they talking about.  

This life afforded us so many opportunities.  There are many more chances that the proverbial second chance!  In fact each morning is the golden opportunity to create yourself anew!  We are only as place bound as we are willing to relinquish  and to accept.  We humans are a bit like the moulding clay of the sculptor.  With a creative push here and a pull there…and the smoothing out of our rough edges…we can be a masterpiece!  

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