Pumpkin Spice Thoughts

I am on the writing porch enjoying a new experience…writing after dark.  The temperature today has  been ‘to die for,’ as my buddy Ron often says!  Ron and Ira Kaye visited us yesterday and we had a wonderful time visiting Von Jakob Winery with our masks affixed and not only socially distanced but one of the few groups on their large patio with the majestic view.  

IMG_8698 2Before our friends arrived MJ asked me what table runner she should put on our dining room table, and I chose one with fall colors.  You see, fall begins for me on August 1st!  You may retort that I am a month and 3 weeks early…and I would not disagree.  But then again…I love fall and anything that I love I stretch out for as long as is humanly allowed!  

IMG_0391 2

Today it was time for Wal-Mart once again.  MJ and I were pleasantly surprised that we saw no one who did not have a face mask on!  When we rolled into the coffee aisle…there was Pumpkin Spice coffee…and now I know that there is someone who agrees with me on the beginning of fall.  

IMG_6215 2I enjoy the popular holiday song from the Broadway musical Mame entitled, ‘We Need a Little Christmas.’  ‘The song is performed after Mame has lost her fortune during the Wall Street crash of 1929.’   I think that we need a little fall now with all of its rich colors and cool climate and the hope of halloween fun and Thanksgiving fellowship…and Christmas delights!

Nothing is forever.  When I was a child I recall waiting for Christmas to arrive…and a year seemed like 10!  When I began my career at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale I was disillusioned when I was passed over for the position of foreman…twice.  I thought that I would never advance in the organization…I was 28 years old…  

I wonder if we do not make  many decisions in the heat of the moment and at the height of our emotions… at the time?  Having almost arrived at the ripe old age of 63…I have experienced disappointments and reversals and felt that I must take my stand and have my say and ‘Damn the Torpedos’…unleash the lifeboats…and as that great sage of my favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation,  hath said, ‘We are going to have the merriest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny F…… Kaye!’  There is nothing wrong with a quiet life.  What seemed earth shattering at one stage of my life…is nothing but a memory now.  I have never been sorry for remaining silent and listening and reflecting…but I have regretted on many occasions…speaking…

IMG_4180Ron and Ira Kaye and MJ and Aaron and Jonathon and I reminisced about past adventures on Friday.  The temperatures were comfortable, as fall should be, and we planned future sojourns.  Our current distress will end…a vaccine will be found…and we will be wiser…and perhaps a little more quiet…as we contemplate the richness of life…and the goodness of God…

IMG_4799 2

2 responses

  1. I got a kick out of your title, Pumpkin spice thoughts. Come the holiday season, people start making fun of everything under sun having pumpkin spice – but I look forward to it. Such wonderful memories associated with that time.

    1. I heartily agree, my friend! 🎃 🦃 🎄

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