Real Feelings



Former first lady, Michelle Obama, said in a podcast the other day that she was suffering from ‘low-grade depression.’  She sited the pandemic, and racial strife and  political strife as causes for her feelings.  


If you encounter several people today and ask them how that are doing it is most likely that they will say fine!  Have you ever tried responding to the proverbial question of how you are doing by explaining how you really are doing?  Did you subsequently watch the eyes of your inquisitor ‘gloss over’ as they waited for you to complete your tale of woe…and then watch them as they quickly move on to a happier person!  The stark reality is that we are not doing fine all of the time and most of us are stressed and depressed and seeking answers for a health emergency that has rocked our planet…  Millions of Americans were food insecure prior to the pandemic…and then lost their jobs due to the virus.  ‘For the 108 million people who live in a rental apartment, August 1 was a grim milestone.  It marked the first time rent was due after much of the nation’s economic response to the coronavirus had expired.’   New York Times


Pastor Kerry told us this morning in Zoom Church that we can  ‘drive the delivery truck for the balm of gilead.’  I think that is true and innovative statement!  Rather than suffering in silence with our fears and doubts and the dark shadows that lurk in the corers of our accosted lives…why not seek and understanding a non-judgmental ear to bounce our insecurities off of?  At times the person with the widest smile…is suffering in silence…  It is okay to not feel okay!


Walking and writing and photography goes a long way toward improving my state of mind.  Jonathon and I walked campus yesterday and enjoyed the new Saluki Statue on the Alumni Saluki Plaza.  I have always loved sculptor and statues and action figures…and art!  Just looking at the magnificent massive masterpiece…made my day!  As we were snapping photos with our new favorite art-work, up comes several people who asked if we could take their photo in front of the dogs.  One of the gentlemen commented that the metal for the Salukis came from his son’s company.  After we took their photos they asked if we would like for them to return the favor…and they did!  As I witnessed our friends excitement regarding not only the new iconic destination for the campus…but also their love for SIUC…I took courage!  Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale is loved all over the world!  We are loved because people from around our globe have experienced us and what we have to offer!  I have traveled in Europe and had delightful conversations regarding SIUC!  We stand at the door of fall semester and a new academic year.  Although we have been separated and have become extremely aquatinted with our own homes…our university home is resplendent and ready to work its magic…once again!



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  1. It’s rather egotistical of Obama to feel we should care about her low grade depression. She’s wealthy, has a secure job and home and healthy family. She should be trying to life the spirits of those who are not so lucky.

    1. The former First Lady, in response to receiving numerous emails of concern, replied that no one should worry about her and that she would be just fine. I do believe that her admittance of experiencing depression has helped facilitate others in coming out of the closet about their real feelings.

      1. The entire world is in the same boat, but without her advantages.

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