The Little Things

It is Friday again. We are preparing to drive down to Rendleman Orchard to discover if they have any peaches left. The rolling hills of route 127 are a pleasant and almost fall experience. I kept referring to something that I was going to do on August 1st…until MJ informed me that we could not wait until next year…I then realized that we were not living in July but August! After I retired it became somewhat difficult to ascertain which week day that I was enjoying…the weekends seemed to still contain some of their unique feel…but since our 2020 pandemic it is one long day. After the peach purchase we stopped by Von Jakob Winery and enjoyed some semi-sweet Red! During the evening we had an al fresco dinner at Don Sol with our good friends, Joan and Jim, and I enjoyed the Mexican drink Horchata. As I was ordering I could not think of the name of the sweet drink and so I described it is a big non-alcoholic drink. When our waiter brought my drink to the table it was in the largest mug that I had ever seen! Or as Jim remarked…you did tell him big…

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We found a pillow that really is cool when you lay your head upon it. Now I do not mean cool as in neat or keen or spiffy…I am referring to the temperature! MJ had bought a supposed cool pillow a few years ago and found that it was apparently only cool if you were used to Desert climates! She lay her head on the pillow in every direction and side and shape that was geometrically possible…and yet still felt no ice! So, when I bough home a Polar Nights Ultimate pillow and reported the next morning that I had slept in winter comfort throughout the night…not only did MJ want one but Aaron as well.

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I participated in wonderful discussions with my friends from our church board, Rob and Kerry, and I am very encouraged that something great is going to happen to our little church! I have been reflecting on a subject that has captivated my imagination since I was a child…the special calling of leaders, both in management and administration and in church leadership. Over the 50 years I have been a reluctant participant in church leadership… on many occasions. I know that I am a bit like the hobo caricatures of days gone by…with the ragged clothes and big shoes, which I require having a size 15 foot, and my meager abilities tied up in a red neck scarf and tied to a stick that I carry over my shoulder. I am a firm believer in holding a leadership position with a loose grasp…and thus being happy and faithful to relinquish that position on a moments notice and to return to the congregation…which is the ‘Apple of God’s eye! I felt the same as a supervisor and a manager for the over 25 years that I served in those roles at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale. After my role as a foreman in the Building Services department I never sought another leadership role…but I was beeseched to accept the assistant superintendent position for 12 years and the superintendents role for the last 13 years of my career. When I left I knew that it was time, although I was asked to stay by many individuals. I wish that our political leaders would follow the original model of serving as citizen legislatures who once their time as leaders had drawn to a close would happily return to their roles as informed and engaged members of the throngs of regular members of our society and thereby exemplify the vision of our founding fathers of the entire reason to hold leadership with a loose grasp!

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I was pleasantly observing a deer family as I was on campus this afternoon. They are neither worried about the coronavirus nor the up-coming presidential election…nor which political party will be in power in the new year! Their concerns were for their family and the majesty of nature and the magic of life…

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