‘We Are Not In Kansas Anymore’

The remnants of hurricane Laura are heading our way. The air is damp with humidity and the clouds cover the afternoon sky. Laura was the highest velocity hurricane to hit landfall in history. She left devastation in her wake. MJ told me, once again, that it is possible to buy our groceries on line and have someone deliver them to us. I have rejected this option in the past days of our 2020 pandemic…but I have changed my mind at least for the stores that offer this service. I learned of the untimely death of two of my friends due to covid-19 in the past few days. I am certain that they were not planing to die of this virulent plague! We all believe that it can happen to someone else but not to us. That is until we are the someone else…

We live in a country that is at war with itself. If aliens from other worlds are watching our strife I fear that they will conclude that we are easy pickings in the realm of capturing earth. When we visited the United Kingdom in 2016 and I attended an opportunity meeting being conducted by my dear friend, Jeff, one of his colleagues drove us back to York accompanied by his son. When I asked him if he had visited the United States he responded that he was afraid to because of the violence. This was in 2016 and we are more violent than then. Friends have expressed their concern when MJ and I and Aaron and Jonathon have visited Europe as they perceive it as dangerous to do so. Most of the police do not carry guns in the United Kingdom. Their focus is on the deescalation of violent situations and the sanctity of human life. A father was shot seven times in the back in front of his children in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Earlier this week a 17 year old traveled from Antioch, Illinois to Kenosha with the mission of assisting in keeping order in the city. He brought his AK 47 with him and murdered two people. He then was photographed walking down the street with the firearm and and he safely returned to his home in Antioch…where he was arrested the next day. Violence must be abhorred and not condoned. Violence is not the answer to our malignant problems!

Our memories are functioning well. We recall what our leaders have told us. One of the most offensive things that I have encountered in my nearly 63 years of living is for a leader to insult my intelligence. Up is not down…dark is not light…lying is not acceptable…ever! When you lie to me and expect me to be so dumb as to believe your untruth…shame on you! Alice, of Alice in Wonderland…peered through the looking glass and we are now on the other side of the mirror. We are with the grinning Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter and we are sitting at the table preparing for the tea party…

One of the most memorable television shows of my youth or my life was, The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan. The program premiered in 1967 and is a British science fiction series. Number 6, portrayed by McGoohan, wakes up in the picturesque town of Portmeirion, Wales and discovers that he can not leave…he is a prisoner. After resigning his government post, possibly as a secret agent, he is gassed as he is packing his luggage only to awaken in Portmeirion which was know in the series as the Village. The prisoner found that he had the run of the village and friendly people surrounding him as neighbors but that when he attempted escape a large diaphanous ball, that looked somewhat like a beachball that can swallow you whole, chased him down and subsequently he was returned to his flat. He was constantly monitored by number 2 who is the underboss to number 1. The prisoner asked in every one of the 17 episodes, ‘who is number 1?’ In the 17th episode the big reveal was that number 6…the prisoner, was number 1… And so we are all prisoners looking for number 1! We are members of our own mentally constructed village and our acceptance of its peculiar rules and odd norms. Are you an individual that can swim against the current of your friends and neighbors expectations and your own bias…or are you a member of a collective that submits to the obscure will of the leader?

Rover was the meteorological ballon that functioned as the guard which kept the prisoner from leaving the village. Rover could asphyxiate the person attempting to escape the village…if necessary. The question is…are you able to escape Rover…or are you really number 1 in the scheme of your own captivity?

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  1. Sorry about the loss of your 2 friends to Covid-19. Stay safe from the storm. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, my friend! ⛈

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