Transparency Of Purpose

It is a fine Monday in Southern Illinois. The temperature and the humidity are lower. Cooler heads are good for healthy dialogue. It seems to me that life is more peaceful in the fall and winter. I remember when air conditioning was a rare commodity and when a store was privileged to have it there was a stencil of a snowman blowing cold air on the door announcing that they had air conditioned comfort and for prospective shopper to enter to enjoy the cool respite! We had a couple of window fans and we basically perspired all night…at least until the wee hours of the morning…where a hint of a cool breeze would waft through the window screens. We slept with the front and back doors open and the screen doors latched and you could hear virtually everything that your neighbors were saying and doing…much like a party line telephone… One thing for sure…there was little that was hidden!

Something that troubles me today is the lack of transparency. All to often I see hidden agendas and self-serving actions wearing the mask of benevolence and care. When a political leader or otherwise insists that their rhetoric and faux promises are for my benefit…and all I have to do is weigh their words against their actions…I am saddened by the needless subterfuge. It seems to me that often people have several variations of themselves. The version that you see is the one that they believe fits with your expectations. Indeed it may not represent the person at all…but rather their marketing of who they think that they need to be to elicit what they need from the person that they are dealing with.

Speaking to a person’s representative rather than their actual visage can be likened to Halloween and the wearing of funny or bizarre masks. Even now with everyone wearing face masks due to our pandemic…I often have trouble distinguishing aquantiances when I encounter them in the grocery store. It is even more difficult when experiencing longtime friends who suddenly decide that they are unwilling to continue the ruse and subsequently reveal the real person…to your surprise and dismay!

It is important to not base relationships on transactions. If someone knows you when they need your services and then…seemingly develops amnesia when you are no longer in demand…beware!

The most refreshing and original people that I know are the transparent genuine articles! The excitement of fellowshipping and knowing a one of a kind person is exhilarating and inspiring! There is a freedom and joy in presenting yourself to the world as God made you and not fearing to express your opinions or beliefs.

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  1. The London picture looks like a painting. (London, right?)

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