The Premiere Day of Fall

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It is the first day of fall and I feel cool about it. I don’t often write at 5:00 AM, but here I am with two cups of coffee down, and now I’m seeing what exactly I have to say. Fall weather is a favorite of mine. I am ready for my green and red American Giant hoodies once again.

I recently attained my reading goal for 2020 of 30 books. Now I’m at 32 and reading on. Perhaps in 2021 I’ll also set a writing goal of 30 short stories. Similar to many writers, I find it difficult to make the time for writing on a regular basis. I make time for my love of reading but I don’t always do the same for my love of writing. Although I won’t be putting my pens away anytime soon.

Some events that I’m looking forward to are another Record Store…

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