The Mystery of the Lost In Space Robot…

Chet understood that something was desperately wrong with his and Parker and Porters’ experience in the Haunted House! Parker had fainted during their visit inside the House and he had seen a vision of Armageddon! Now Chet was somewhat well-versed in eschatology or the study of last things. He and his mom, Thelma, and his dad, Carol, had been members of the Social Bretheren Church in Eldorado, Illinois…for a long as he could remember. His grandmother had often told him that during the time of the last battle on the Earth…that the blood would flow up to the horses bridle. He often wondered what the experience would be like…although he was 7 years old and in the 3rd grade. Chet was a bit on the, ‘fleshy,’ side…as his mother often referred to him and his eye glasses were similar to the bottom of Coca Cola bottles…although he preferred Chocola! Chocola was a popular soft drink in the 1960’s and had a small amount of chocolate syrup within each 16oz glass bottle. It like the other popular sodas of the day sold for 10 cents. But, back to the primary concern of why Parker had dreamt of Halloween when it was only October 6th? He pondered that the dream that she had described was eerily similar to his and Porter’s plans for the big night! Buddy, or Gomez the Shy Ghost, had already approached them regarding his joining the fun throng for a night of hilarity and abundance of popcorn balls and full size Hershey Bars…and candy corn. He had just received his Lost In Space Robot suit from Sears and Roebuck and no one knew of it accept Porter… How did Parker dream of him wearing the Robot suit? Porter had been strangely quite when Parker awoke from her nap when the hayride wagon hit the chug hole. He seemed to understand much more than he was willing to admit. – Courtesy of

Parker was an energetic and vivacious young lady with a smile and kind word for everyone that she met. She was well grounded in the reality of the third grade. Chet had noticed that Parker enjoyed being around Porter and he…he thought what a good friend that she was!

Chet dozed as the rhythmic rocking and rolling of the hayride and his full stomach of smores and hot choclate and roasted wieners…lulled him to sleep. Suddenly Chet was on the television set of the Lost In Space show! He was not in his Sears and Roebuck Halloween costume…but was in the Hollywood made for TV version of the Lost In Space Robot! There was Will Robinson and Dr. Smith asking his for advice on some aliens that they had encountered. The lights on his clear globe of a head were blinking widely. The question that the Space Family Robinson’s son, Will, had asked the Robot was…’Will Parker and Porter survive the coming devastation?’ The Lost In Space Robot had answered in typical Lost In Space Robot form…and said…’That does not compute…’

The hayride stopped at Poor Boys Supermarket in Harrisburg because five of the kids had to use the rest room. Porter said to Parker and Chet. ‘Let’s get off this bumpy ride and stretch our legs!’ When Parker and Porter stood on the blacktop parking lot they looked around for Chet…but he was no where to be seen! They both searched for their friend…and determined that he was no longer on the hayride. ‘Where could Chet be,’ exclaimed Parker? ‘I did not see him fall off,’ said Porter. Doc Irvin told Parker and Porter that Carol, Chet’s father, had picked him up at the bonfire before they had left the festivities….

Chet…or Chet as the Lost In Space Robot…exclaimed…’Danger…Danger…Will Robinson!’

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