Chet headed for home as the cold rain continued to fall. He thought how good it would be to see his

mom…at her correct age. He and Porter and Parker had experienced more Halloween adventure than 1st graders could stand! First there was the hayride to the haunted house…and then everything had seemed to go off the rails! They had had seen the bodiless head that looked like a Jack-O-Lantern and their friend Buddy had disappeared. Then there was the weird experience of traveling to the future where they were shown a film of their adult selves in the year 2020. But, that too had ended in what was apparently a dream…that was all too real! In fact Chet had felt like that he was in a waking dream since they arrived at the Haunted House. And what about the visit to Porter’s cousin Billy’s house and no one being there accept for a very realistic looking Frankenstein and Dracula, who acted as their guides to 2020… Chet wondered if it was not the aftereffects of drinking those two swigs of Peppermint Schnapps that Lanny, Porter’s neighbor, had given him when he drove them to the Orpheum Theatre. Porter and Parker were suppose to come over tomorrow for them to compare notes regarding the strange occurrences that had happened to them.

When Chet arrived home he called out to his mother who was sitting in front of the TV and was engaged in her favorite pastime…watching her stories, as she called her favorite programs. Thelma did not respond to Chet’s greeting and he assumed that she had fallen asleep in front of the television…as she often did. Chet was relieved that his mom was the age that she should be and his Lost In Space Robot Halloween costume was hanging in his closet. Suddenly the telephone rang and and Chet answered. It was Porter and he asked in a hushed tone if Chet had been experiencing anything weird… Chet responded that no more than usual for the last few days of their scary adventures. Then Porter told him that he had rode his bicycle that looked like a motorcycle home and entered to see his mom lying on the couch. He called out to her and asked if there was any supper left. She did not respond… Porter knew that his mother enjoyed a good nap. So, he ate some left over roast beef, his mom’s speciality, and sat in the Lazy-Boy recliner and watched some TV as well. When his mom got up to go the rest room Porter asked how she was doing…and she gazed his direction and smiled… Chet then asked, ‘But she did not respond to you?’ Porter answered that she did not…it was as if he was not there.

Parker saw Doc Irvin as he was leaving Hillcrest School. She sat on the first seat of the school bus that Doc drove and listened to him as he spoke to another bus driver. ‘I tell you it was the strangest thing that I have ever seen…I was enjoying the crisp night air and a good cherry filled tobacco pipe… and having the reigns of the horse in my hands had taken me back to when I was a child on the farm… ‘ I swear…Doc Gasaway!’ ‘The kids were a bit shaken after entering the Haunted House…but they seemed none the worse for wear once they had some roasted hot dogs and smores! ‘But, Irvin continued, when I told the horse, ‘giddy-up…he looked around at me like he had seen a ghost!’ ‘So I stopped and went back to the wagon to count the kids one more time…’

Thursday morning, October the 29th, 1962. The day was gloomy and the rain that had been falling throughout the night continued unabated. Mrs. K called the roll call and when she called Parker and Porter and Chet…they replied, ‘Present…Mrs. K!’ Mrs. K marked each of the three absent and then instructed the class to open their Dick and Jane Readers. Parker told Porter and Chet at recess, of which they had 3 throughout the day, that she had attempted to talk with her mother and father last evening…but they appeared to not be able to hear or see her… Porter said that they should go back to Billy’s house and see if it, now, had it’s furniture… When they arrived there was Billy sitting on the front porch smoking a large cuban cigar! Billy smiled at the 3 and asked them if they had enjoyed their Halloween? Chet replied that, ‘No one can see us or hear us.’ Billy replied that was the entire idea. He went on to tell them that each of them had died in the haunted house and they were now…ghosts!

Parker began to yawn and stretch her arms above her head and rub her eyes. She peered through the dark theatre and on the big silver screen was a Frankenstein movie. She nudged both Porter and Chet…who were also asleep and they roused to wakefulness and dismay that they had each shared the same Halloween Dream…

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  1. Tell Chet to leave the Schnapps for Christmas. A Harvey Wallbanger is better for Halloween. Take my friend’s word for it….

    1. I will pass that information on to Chet! 😉

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