Election Day

Recently it has been to cold to write on the porch. Today it is 70 degrees! Oh, the wonders of weather in Little Egypt! I am wearing a heavy shirt from LL Bean of Maine. I purchased it at their Flagship Store in Freeport a year ago this spring. I love Maine! Pastor Kerry sent us an inspirational message this morning regarding our need to vote and the primary message of Jesus…’To love our neighbors as ourselves.’ MJ and I found the message uplifting and a harbinger of peace… Today is absolutely beautiful. There is not a cloud in the sky. There is a quietness and a certainty and a feeling of joy…in the air.

Prior to today there has been over 100 million Americans who have cast their vote. This is unprecedented and illustrative of our being in the midst of our 2020 pandemic and the passion that voters on both sides of the aisle have for their political candidates. I have been reflecting on what a great nation we live in. We are able to cast our vote for the leaders of our choice and the voice of the people will decide this election. The old and the young…the rich and the poor…citizens from all of the countries of the Earth….are able to say today…this is the country that I love and this is the person that I want to call from our group of 328 million…to lead us as our citizen representative! Today hate does not prevail… Today is a day of solemnity and centeredness and hope and promise for the idea of one nation under God…

Photo by Steven Vermeulen on Pexels.com

MJ and I have visited El Paso, Texas many times. Her aunt and uncle moved there in the latter 1970’s from Southern Illinois. We loved visiting Juarez, Mexico with them… as it is the bordering city of El Paso. It is difficult to determine where Juarez ends and El Paso begins. I purchased a chess set there…many years ago. Also we bought a stone carving of the Last Supper and gave it to MJ’s mother and father, Berl and Fernie. Aaron consumed some hot peppers in a restaurant in Juarez and he had difficulty in putting out the oral fire! On another occasion we visited uncle Merle’s favorite restaurant where the procedure for notifying the wait staff of your culinary needs was to raise a miniature flag at your table. Merle enjoyed the procedure so much that he kept asking if we needed another Sopaipilla or enchilada…in order for him to facilitate the obtaining of the delicious delights by raising his flag… Fort Bliss is in El Paso. Their cafeteria served a brunch on Sunday that was to die for! We attended every Sunday that we were in the city. The visit to Fort Bliss Sunday Brunch was the height of our semi-annual visits! The young woman, who was the hostess for the Brunch, always smiled broadly when uncle Merle would greet her! Sometimes we would walk the Fort Bliss Cemetery with Merle and Lauretta and ponder the symmetrical and white grave stones for each of the servicemen and women who were buried there. When Merle passed and we returned with Lauretta…the young woman who was the hostess….wept when we told her that Merle had died. In the cemetery there were notations for the Jewish faith and the Muslim faith and many others…as well and the christian faith…but all of these women and men were united in their love for the United States…their country…as they fought and died beside each other…

You know our founding fathers did not envision our elected political leaders serving careers in their community service as our representatives… The farmer was expected to return to his farming…the shoemaker was to return to the making of shoes…and the tinsmith was to return to his prescribed trade when public service was over… I have never been a political leader but I firmly believe that elected office is to be held with a loose grasp… I was humbled and honored to hold elected office as both a representative on the Civil Service Council @ Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale…as well as the president of the group and I held several elected and appointed offices in church government over the past 50 years. Always, I have been happy and pleased to lay down those assignments as soon as I felt that my effectiveness and mission was completed… There is an element of peace and contentment in letting go of a call to service…when the service is completed. The dramatic roles that we play on the stage of life are temporary…and there is another worthy actor waiting in the wings…

So we vote and we wait for the results. I have read the admonishment that we should vote like our lives depend on it! I heartily agree! We live in a democracy…or as Benjamin Franklin told us, ‘If we can keep it!’

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

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  1. Stay warm and all the best in your election outcome.

    1. Thank you, good friend! 😊

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