Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Brody just returned from Hydro-therapy. He is a 16 year old Boston Terrier and the exercise of a 10 minute walk in chest high flowing water…is an exhausting enterprise. If it was not for the peanut butter that is held in front of his nose…I do not think he would complete the task… Nora Jones is playing and singing on the internet in a live performance that she has done since the beginning of our 2020 pandemic, each Thursday.

Our year has brought us many stresses and trials and troubles…laid upon our regular life hurdles! All of us need to give each other some extra leeway…and we need to give ourselves a wider path. I have read with great interest the terminology of ‘Snowflake’ with this seemingly harmless meteorological term being applied to persons who are hurt by others unkind and biting and demeaning remarks. If you follow the ‘Snowflake’ labelers you will discover a propensity of using this terminology for those with whom they disagree or who they feel deserve marginalization. As they observe the emotional pain of their perceived lessers…they take some perverse pleasure in momentarily boosting their perception of toughness and invincibility. But, if you continue to watch these lords of the universe…they whither under even the tiniest of harsh words or constructive criticism…or misplaced attempts at humor… The point is…words matter. The childhood axiom that I heard quoted on numerous occasions that, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones…but words will never hurt me…’ is totally untrue.

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All too often we create a standard for ourselves that is wearing our bodies and minds out! It could be that it is not our burden to be all things to all people? Our human condition is a finely tuned instrument that is reliant upon the care necessary to keep it in tip top working condition.

Worry is an all consuming activity! So much of the time those things that we agonize regarding…will be ephemeral or non-existent memories in a year or less… Time heals all wounds…it has been said. Certainly time evaporates many of our interpersonal conflicts and answers the age old question…Are we keeping up with the Jones’s? Have you considered that there are times in your life that you are doing good…just to tread water?

Beware of those who want to solve your problems for you! Stay clear of those who claim to hear from God and then want to telegraph his instructions to you…for your life… Take one day at a time…once it is completed…you have a new day… I enjoy causing another human being to smile! It may be a little thing…but it brings me peace… ‘A soft answer turner away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.’ Proverbs 15:1 KJV

Often the simplest of lessons of life…are the most difficult to learn. We have gotten the life’s equation backward…we live to work…when we should be working to live…

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