A Warm Sunday in November

It is 79 degrees on November the 8th. A cool breeze is blowing through the writing porch and 2020 marches…rapidly…to its conclusion. Jonathon and I have been frequenting a new eclectic shop called Electric Larry’s. They have old beer steins and vintage comic books and Russian nesting dolls. It is the type of store that is right up our alley!

So, we had a Presidential election…and now it is over… Many are happy because of the results and many are sad at the outcome. One thing is certain…our country needs to heal…and divisive rhetoric will never accomplish the task. It has occurred to me that we proclaim that we are part of the world’s greatest democracy…but not all of us desire a democracy. Many people are content with having a leader tell them what to think and how to feel and to define who their enemies are…and who are their friends. We seek religious freedom for our religion…but think little of religious freedom for those who are not of our faith.

‘On the same day the US got a new president, ‘Saturday Night Live’ host Dave Chappelle served up a biting monologue that hit the lowlights of the year, and he rage and tension that the country has felt.’

‘I would implore everybody who’s celebrating today to remember, it is good to be humble winner. Remember when I was here four years ago, remember how bad that felt? Remember that half the country right now still feels that way.’ CNN

‘All these white people out there that feel that anguish, that pain, they’re mad because they think nobody cares…maybe they don’t. Let me tell you something. I know how that feels.’ He said he also know how police officers feel, when they put on a uniform, that they have a target on their back. ‘Believe me, believe me, I know how that feels.’ But, he said, many people hate each other for it.’

‘And I don’t hate anybody. I just hate that feeling. That’s what I fight, and what I suggest you fight. You gotta find a way to live your life. You gotta find a way to forgive each other. You gotta to find a way find joy in your existence, in spite of the feeling.’ Dave Chappelle CNN

So the divisions in our nation are large and have gotten larger. When we speak of the good old days are we speaking of the good old days for our family and friends…because many of those perceived happy days were anything but good….for a large portion of our country. We must look at our fellow human beings…and really see them. Let us seek a common truth that all of us can work towards. Not the truth of cynicism and contempt…but the joy of our common humanity as we take each others hands and walk our way back to Jerusalem.

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