Better Days Are Just Around The Corner!

Late Fall has arrived in Little Egypt!

Suddenly it occurred to me that better days are just around the corner! The year of our pandemic has been difficult and devastating for millions across our planet. A mixture of conspiracy theories and politics and doubt have created a 2020 pandemic that is terrible and still getting worse! We are more in danger of contracting Covid-19 now than we were in the spring! However, now there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Two vaccines for Covid-19 are preparing to be released. One is 95% effective and the other is 94.5%. We will come out of the shadows of this devastating disease! We will be able to gather together again…and hug one another…and fellowship in our shared humanity! What we are living through will be a part of history books a 100 years from now.

My old friend Jeff and I have spent some time together in the last few weeks. Jeff and I became friends when we were teenagers…and that has been sometime ago… It had been almost 50 years since I had seen him and yet he was the same person that I had know so many years ago. A principled person who lives by his inner standards of right and wrong and someone who is not concerned regarding what the societal or other common practice is. In other words…Jeff thinks for himself…and that is refreshing! I wonder how much more happy we would be if we followed our heart and lived the life that we choose…and not what someone chose for us?

Today is the anniversary of former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination…57 years ago today… November 22, 1963 is a day that is indelible in my memory. I was in first grade at Hillcrest School in Eldorado, Illinois. It was announced by our teacher, Mrs. Kittinger, that the President had been shot and that school was dismissed. I walked home, down Illinois Avenue, and when I arrived at our house that was just across from the Eldorado High School…I found my mother watching television and crying. She was watching the news report that President Kennedy had died. I wondered if the President was a member of my family…as mom was certainly weeping as if he was…

We have been through terrible ordeals during my lifetime. Our 2020 pandemic is the worse for lives lost. Yet, there are reports that some some vaccines will be distributed next month to healthcare workers. I have a good friend who is in the custodial industry that has contracted the virus…I wonder if the powers that be have considered how ‘essential workers’ have been placing their lives on the line…for the majority of this year? Better times are just around the corner…and let us reassess why we were given the gift of life and what we need to do with it…to help our brothers and sisters…on the road back to Jerusalem…

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