Holiday Delights

Blind Pig is good beer! It is manufactured in Champaign, Illinois…which is the home of the University of Illinois Flagship Campus. It is called Scary Cherry Milk Stout. I am little frightened…but not in excess… Thanksgiving was lovely…although we missed our family! I still got very sleepy after dinner…and it was ham instead of turkey. Each time that I received a text or a message on Facebook from my friends and family…it made my day! There is a 24 hour Alfred Hitchcock marathon on Turner Classic Movies and I have noticed scenes in these movies that I never noticed before.

Customarily we are up early on Black Friday to travel to St. Charles, Missouri for their magnificent Dickens Christmas. The cobblestone streets are lined with; Tiny Tim, and Scrooge, as well as Santa Claus and St. Nicholas, and elves and horse drawn carriages! The pandemic has kept us home this year. I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday and a tear made its way to my eye as I marveled at the holiday spirit of the performers… I have never witnessed such an active Santa Claus on his massive sleigh as he danced and gestured in a wonderful manifestation that next year…it will be better!

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I think of the countless families that had an empty chair or chairs at their Thanksgiving table… If you have not lost a loved one or a friend…it puts everything in a humbling perspective… We really have nothing but each other… Love is the magic ingredient of the holidays…when it is missing…a large hole exists in our hearts!

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So now we look towards Christmas. We will not give a greater gift than to reach out to someone that we do not speak to on a regular basis. When I know that someone cares about me it a Balm of Gilead for my soul… I have many friends and loved ones from a christian life of over 50 years. Many of these people invited me to their tables…when I had little to eat. They kept me in their homes. They treated me as a member of their family… Have you ever experienced someone speaking with you…and you knew that God was using their voice….to bless you?

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  1. Happy thanksgiving and even happier shopping on Black Friday

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