A Sad Day

Yesterday was a tragic and sad day for our country. It was devastating for Republicans and Democrats and Independents. I say this as a person who has voted for both political parties. Some things are more important than political affiliations. A political leader is not all right or all wrong simply by being a member of one party or another. As I feel about many elements of our society that we put so much emphasis on…politics is meaningless in the great hereafter. However I do feel that there is a clear line of demarcation between good and evil and right and wrong. The storming of our Capitol which is the People’s House…was wrong! The House that is for all peoples of the United States was desecrated and everyone was put at risk of their life! Four people are dead! This was an act of insurrection and an attempt at a coup…that was fostered by the president of the United States.

Imagine…if you can…that your family was placed in harms way by your president. The demonization of members of both political parties has given license to many human beings to loot and pillage and destroy the very seat of their government that provides the freedom that they enjoy… I relish the freedoms that I have in our wonderful country. I am free to write my opinion in my blogs and fear no retaliation from my government. I have many friends who are supporters of our current president. I not only believe that they have the right to their opinions but appreciate the fact that they have the right to their freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not extend to breaking windows and breaking in to our nation’s Capitol! Freedom of speech does not extend to an attempted coup to stop the peaceful transition of power from the current president to the president elect.

We were the envy of the world. We were the lighthouse that shown a brilliant light to nations who were struggling to form a democracy. Yesterday we were a Banana Republic and a laughing stock to the world… Once we loose our democracy…there will not be additional freedoms. Dictators are not permissive regarding their citizens having guns. An Authoritarian Leader will kill people that storm their capitol! If I have learned anything…I have discovered that there is a large number of us that really do not want to have a democracy! Democracy means that all of the 330 million citizens of the United States have voice in their government. When we lose that voice…neither the right wing or the left should expect that their voice will be the one that is heard…and respected. Democracy is hard and requires the active work of all of our citizens to make it work. For those who think that violence is necessary and a tool to be used to return their government to them….remember that Despots and Dictators and Strongmen…are mercurial…and you could be next for the ‘righteous judgment’ of the leader who as captured power…

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  1. But, don’t you think it was inevitable when we saw how Trump stirred up the country from the first day in office. There is a theory that a country in such dire straights will force voters to vote for anyone and anything just to escape the mess they find themselves in. We see it with Brexit here in the UK and many countries around the world. How much is it down to manipulation, by people like Trump for their own ends, I wonder? Begging the question is out governments fit for purpose in this fast-moving, modern world?

    1. It has been said that people get the government that they deserve. Trump’s prejudice and misogyny, along with his passion for conspiracy theories has given license to domestic terrorists.

  2. I am sorry about this. I heard on the news on the deaths etc and the riot. I wish for peace to prevail and that the handover will be smooth and no more such silly riots and robs innocent lives. Take care America.

  3. Garfield Hug, Is it that simple, a riot now quelled, or is there something fundamentally broken in western society??????

  4. Its all over the news and its quite sad. I feel so unhappy about the current Democratic tragedy in the states. So sorry about that.
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    Thank you

    1. It is sad and tragic.

      1. Really sorry about it🥺

  5. Beyond infuriating and tragic.

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